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For many car owners the aesthetics of their four-wheeled friend is not less important than its technical and performance characteristics. In this case, the front part of the body, as the «face» of the car, gets special attention, including the hood. On the one hand, the hood solves purely practical problems:

  • Protecting the engine and other parts of the compartment from the external environment.
  • Isolating noise and reducing vibration when the car is in motion.
  • Improving the aerodynamics of the car.

The hood is one of the largest parts of the body, and, in fact, should draw extra attention. However, in most cases, it goes unnoticed due to the fact that the factory production is mass-produced and the hood looks too simple and impersonal. But its unusual proportions, relief features and coating can dramatically transform the facade of the car, giving it personality and character. The Renegade Design company offers modified hoods for tuning such car brands as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Maserati, Infiniti, Crand Cherokee, Toyota, Range Rover Sport, Porsche Taycan.

Benefits of Renegade Design hoods

Given the protective functions that the hood performs, there are high requirements for it. It must be reliable and be able to withstand extreme temperature changes, because while driving the engine can get very hot, heating the surrounding parts and the hood itself. Renegade Design manufactures hoods from polymeric materials — carbon, ABS plastic and fiberglass, which gives the products the following advantages:

  • Affordable Cost. Metal parts are much more expensive, and taking into account the subsequent painting the cost of the hood increases significantly.
  • Absence of corrosion.
  • Durability. Polymers do not lose their shape after the hit, preserving the invariable appearance.
  • Fastening points are additionally reinforced, providing a reliable fixation.
  • Shock absorption prevents paintwork chipping.
  • Lightweight. Polymeric materials weigh less, which simplifies mounting/dismounting and operation of the hood.
  • Variety of designs. Production of the hood does not require complicated technologies and cumbersome equipment, which allows creating products of any form and format.

An additional plus of the hoods by Renegade Design is the possibility of installation on standard fixtures, which reduces the cost and time of installation. The clearances are minimal.

Development and step-by-step manufacturing of the hood

Hoods can be made from different materials and with different technologies, but there are some commonalities in the process of creating these products. This is especially true for model development. If we talk in general, then we can distinguish the following stages in the production of hoods:

  1. Design. Designs are developed by means of computer modeling. Three-dimensional model allows you to evaluate not only the aesthetics of the future hood, but also its functionality. At this stage, all the necessary dimensions are laid to get a part ideally suitable for the car.
  2. Milling machine programming. At this stage a sequence of commands is laid down in the CNC, which will ensure the movement of the cutting tool of the machine and the workpiece under the hood. At the same time any errors are inadmissible, as otherwise the part will turn out with rejects.
  3. Technological rigging. Produced depending on the model and the customer’s wishes, and may include the installation of air intakes, drains, soundproofing, etc. This improves aerodynamics, aesthetics, operating conditions and ease of maintenance of the part.
  4. Mounting the finished hood. In most cases, the tuned hood is installed on the factory mounts, without the need to adjust the parts.
  5. Painting or hood wrapping with vinyl or polyurethane film. The final stage when the hood gets its final look and aesthetics.

Order the hood from the company Renegade Design

On the website of Renegade Design you can choose a hood for tuning depending on the brand and model of the car.

If necessary you can make additional changes to the ordered part. Among the advantages of ordering a hood from Renegade Design one can mention the high quality of materials, originality of components, warranty period of 5 years, short manufacturing terms, delivery in Russia and abroad. The hood can be installed either in the company’s workshop or at the nearest dealer center at a service station. In addition to hoods, Renegade Design offers other trim parts (spoilers, diffusers, bumpers, etc.), as well as a wide range of forged and alloy wheels.

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