Porsche body kits

Body kit for Porsche Taycan

Body kit for Porsche Taycan


Porsche Tuning Kits

A tuning kit for Porsche is an exceptional way to emphasize the refined style and elegance of this brand. Our tuning kits are designed for Porsche owners who strive for individuality and originality in everything they do. 

Made of quality materials such as carbon fiber and basalt, the tuning parts provide not only an attractive appearance, but also high durability, guaranteeing a long service life of all elements.

Why you should install a Porsche body kit 

Porsche bodywork is an integral part of the tuning and transformation of a car. 

Reasons to install a Porsche body kit:

  • the bodykit makes the car more visually appealing;
  • bodykit components such as spoilers and diffusers can improve the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle;
  • functional body parts provide additional protection against chips, scratches and other damage to the vehicle;
  • installation of a bodykit allows you to create a unique body, emphasizing the personality of the owner.

Installing a Porsche kit offers the opportunity to improve both the appearance and functionality of the vehicle. Our bodykits emphasize the personality of every Porsche owner, allowing you to stand out from the crowd, enrich the look of your vehicle and add sophistication to the overall appearance of your car.

Maintaining the standards of luxury and sophistication of Porsche design, our body kits are engineered with the utmost attention to design and quality. The tuning elements improve the aerodynamics and functionality of your car.

Additional elements such as arch extensions, bumper covers and daytime running lights make your car more colorful and attractive on the road at any time of day.

What a Porsche tuning kit consists of 

The tuning kit helps to create a powerful and stylish look for your Porsche, adding aesthetics and individuality to every detail.

Porsche tuning kit elements include:

  • hood, made from carbon fiber or basalt, provides light weight and strength that improves the overall performance of the vehicle;
  • front bumper lips, which are small elements installed on the lower part of the front bumper, help improve the aerodynamics of the car and also emphasize the design;
  • sills, which are installed along the doors, provide splash protection and add characteristic style to the exterior;
  • air duct grilles located on the front of the car not only improve the appearance of the car, but also provide the necessary ventilation to cool the engine;
  • the spoiler is mounted on the rear of the car, which improves aerodynamics and provides additional aerodynamic pressure on the rear axle for better traction at high speeds;
  • the rear bumper diffuser helps create airflow around the rear of the car, improving its overall performance and appearance.

Each of these elements plays a role in improving the performance and appearance of your Porsche vehicle.

Features of Renegade Design’s Porsche body kits include

  • customization;
  • enhanced performance;
  • exclusivity;
  • memorable style and design;
  • variety of options.

Choosing a tuning kit for Porsche from our company is the first step to turning your car into a unique masterpiece, demonstrating your individuality and desire for beauty and quality.

Porsche kits from Renegade Design are created from the finest materials, Carbon and Basalt provide not only strength but also lightweight parts, giving your car a modern and sophisticated look.

The body kit parts are designed with aerodynamic features in mind, helping to maximize the stability and performance of the vehicle on the road. We have a wide selection of tuning parts, so Porsche owners can create a unique and personalized look for their car.

Advantages of ordering Porsche tuning at Renegade Design

  • quality materials;
  • aerodynamic solutions;
  • wide selection;
  • warranty on products and services.

Renegade Design’s exquisite Porsche tuning parts not only give your car a unique style, but also optimize its performance. Our front spoilers, rear diffusers, and other tuning parts made from quality materials help improve the aerodynamics and functionality of your vehicle, providing better stability and control on the road.

We guarantee that every piece of Porsche bodywork is made with the utmost precision and attention to design. Contact us to place an order or for professional advice.

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