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Brake Systems 

The braking system is an essential component of any vehicle and is a key aspect of ensuring safety and maintaining control on the road. 

It is not simply a unit that reacts to the moment the pedal is depressed, but a complex system that is dedicated to continuous improvement to maximize efficiency, durability and safety.

The purpose of the braking system:

  • Stopping the movement of the vehicle.
  • Stabilization of position when parked.
  • Uniform distribution of braking forces between the front and rear wheels.
  • Preventing the wheels from locking up during braking.

The braking system plays a key role in preventing accidental vehicle movement, especially on inclined surfaces. The driver can apply the brakes either fully or partially, to reduce speed or completely stop driving.

The main task of the braking system is to ensure that the vehicle can stop. The anti-lock system prevents the wheels from locking up during braking, allowing the driver to maintain control and reduce the chance of skidding. 

The brake system regulates the pressure in the brakes, affecting the intensity and evenness of braking under various conditions. Modern brake systems are designed to cool efficiently, preventing brake rims and pads from overheating during heavy use.

Brake system configuration and components 

A vehicle’s brake system is a complex mechanism consisting of several key components, each with a unique role. 

The main components are:

  • The brake drum or rim are the key elements exposed to the braking system. Brake pads are the devices that create friction when they come in contact with the drum or rim, which slows down the rotation of the wheels and therefore the movement of the vehicle.
  • Brake springs and adjusters are used to maintain even wear and efficient operation of the brake system.
  • The brake reservoir and fluid play an important role in transmitting pressure through the brake system and ensuring that the brakes work efficiently. The master cylinder, located at the brake pedal, increases the pressure created by pedal pressure and transmits it through the system.
  • Brake cylinders and pistons are responsible for transmitting the pressure created by pressing the brake pedal to the brake pads. Brake hoses and tubes are used to transfer brake fluid from the brake cylinder to the brake pads, providing a seal and regulating pressure. 

Depending on the type of brakes (drum or disk), the appropriate brake mechanism is used.  Hydraulic brake systems use brake cylinders, while pneumatic brake systems use pistons. 


What a brake system kit consists of 

List of possible components:

  • Brake rims or drums with linings.
  • Brake pads.
  • Bearings and hoses.
  • Piston brake caliper.
  • Other items that vary depending on the configuration.

The kit includes all items necessary to install and ensure proper brake system operation. The contents of the kit may vary depending on the type of brake system (disc or drum brakes) and the manufacturer.

Features of brake systems from Renegade Design 

Renegade Design specializes in automotive tuning and provides custom styling solutions for various makes and models of vehicles. We manufacture tuning components, including brake systems, with a focus on aesthetics, performance, and customized features.

We carry products that provide for:

  • aesthetics and design;
  • high quality materials;
  • safety technologies;
  • improved performance.

Benefits of ordering a brake system from Renegade Design 

  • Use of high quality materials to increase the longevity of the braking system;
  • Renegade Design brake systems offer improved performance characteristics under heavy use;
  • our brake system kits are perfectly compatible with your vehicle’s configuration.

When you order a brake system from Renegade Design, you get products made from reliable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing materials. Choose increased efficiency and quality to equip your car — apply for a brake system on our website.

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