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Exhaust system

The exhaust system of a car is one of the important components that affect the performance and efficiency of the vehicle. These mechanisms are not only responsible for removing exhaust gases from the engine, but can also increase engine power and give the vehicle a unique «sound».

Why you need an exhaust system in a car

  • The exhaust system is responsible for controlling exhaust emissions from the engine and affecting its efficiency, performance and sound.
  • The main function of the exhaust system is to direct the hot gases produced by the combustion of fuel from the engine to the outside environment.
  • It adds an acoustic effect during acceleration to maintain the sporty character of the auto.

Automotive exhaust systems are complex structures that include exhaust manifolds, mufflers and pipes. They are an integral part of every car and play an important role in the functioning of all components.

Choosing the right exhaust system improves the performance of the car by removing gases. Such an element gives the car a sporty look and creates a unique acoustic perception that emphasizes individuality and style.

How a car exhaust system works

The exhaust system includes the exhaust manifold, intake pipe, catalytic converter, resonator and muffler. These components work together to remove exhaust gases and reduce noise. 

Each part has a different role:

  • The exhaust manifold collects gases from the engine cylinders.
  • The intake pipe directs the gases to the catalytic converter.
  • The catalytic converter cleans the gases of harmful components.
  • The resonator and muffler reduce the temperature and noise of the gases.

The vehicle’s exhaust system effectively manages exhaust gases, reduces noise, reduces emissions and prevents gases from entering the vehicle interior. This is critical to engine performance and environmental standards.

Timely repair or replacement of auto components is important to the auto’s performance. Most often, problems with the exhaust system are associated with loss of tightness or wear of seals. They can be replaced with the help of a repair kit. Parts of the exhaust system are subject to high temperatures and wear, which can lead to breakdowns. These can be detected by noise and visual inspection.

The exhaust system works by removing exhaust gases from the engine, ensuring safety and reducing pollution. 

Installing an exhaust system is one of the elements of tuning. A popular option is a straight-through exhaust, which often replaces the resonator.

Features of exhaust systems from Renegade Design

  • efficient gas removal;
  • reliable engine performance;
  • possibility of individual tuning.

We provide car owners with reliable and performance solutions for every vehicle. With a modern exhaust system purchased from our company, you get a guarantee of quality and reliability.

How to order a car exhaust system from Renegade Design

We produce exhaust systems for BMW, Mercedes AMG, Toyota cars. Our systems have an optimal pipe diameter, which increases engine power without the need for engine upgrades. Contact us, experienced specialists will provide detailed consultation and help you decide on your choice. We fulfill orders promptly and qualitatively.

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