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Body kit for Toyota Land Cruiser 300

Body kit for Toyota Land Cruiser 300

Body kit for Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Body kit for Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Body kit for Toyota Tundra

Body kit for Toyota Tundra


Toyota tuning kits

Body kit for Toyota allows you to add character and individuality to your car. Set of tuning kit for Toyota emphasize the reliability and functionality of cars of this brand, making the car more expressive, dynamic and practical on the road.

Renegade Design provides car owners with a unique opportunity to make the car bright and unique with exclusive custom-made tuning kits. Our tuning is designed with special attention to Toyota design.

Pros of installing a tuning kit

Professional body kit installation on a Toyota is an important step to give your car exclusive features.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should install a body kit:

  • The car becomes aesthetically pleasing and elegant, it changes the shape of the body without the need for technical adjustments, there is a sporty and dynamic appearance.
  • In addition to improving aesthetics, the body kit is a protection for the body from mechanical damage resulting from everyday use of the car.
  • Effectively designed and competently installed bodykit can improve the aerodynamics of the car, reducing air resistance and improving the controllability of the vehicle.
  • Installing a body kit allows you to customize the standard look of the car to your preferences, because you choose the features of the equipment.
  • Properly installed and quality kit can increase the value of the car, especially if it is made professionally and stylishly.

Toyota car body kit

If you want to make your car unique and distinctive, our tuning body kit gives you that opportunity. Our collection includes a variety of parts that will transform your car, giving it style and character.

  • Body and arch extensions make your car look more powerful.
  • Rear and front bumpers with front grille emphasize the dynamic and innovative design of your Toyota.
  • Front bumpers with grille will not only change the appearance, but also improve aerodynamics, allowing better control of airflow to the radiator and other important parts of the mechanism.

Tuning body kit for Toyota is an opportunity to give your car style and extra luxury by adding innovative elements that will attract admiring glances on the road. Let your car stand out from the rest and emphasize a unique style.

Features of Toyota bodykit from the manufacturer Renegade Design

Tuning kit provides the opportunity to transform your car into a unique and stylish look that will stand out from all others. Our line of tuning body kits are designed with current design trends in mind to emphasize and enhance the benefits of your Japanese foreign car.

Using advanced materials such as carbon fiber and basalt, we guarantee the highest quality and reliability in every part. Our body kit will not only enhance the appearance of your car, but also give it a sporty and aggressive look.

  • We pay attention to every detail to ensure you not only have style, but also reliability for years to come.
  • A Toyota tuning kit from Renegade Design is more than just an add-on, it’s an opportunity to give your vehicle practicality, functionality, and a unique look.
  • All parts are created with Toyota’s structure and design in mind, ensuring a perfect fit and durability.

Advantages of ordering a Toyota body kit from Renegade Design

  • Enhance sporty style and dynamics through clever design;
  • superior materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing;
  • long service life and customization;
  • easy installation and unconditional integration with Toyota design.

When you order a tuning kit for your Toyota vehicle from Renegade Design, you get premium tuning from a manufacturer that has attention to detail and quality at the forefront.

Products are created from the highest quality materials as we continually strive for design excellence. Quality, reliability, attractiveness and safety of tuning elements are the principles of our production. We offer a 5-year warranty on our products and services. To clarify details or place an order, please contact us.

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