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Car tuning is a great opportunity for car owners to dramatically transform their car with a body kit  upgrade. A set of additional parts improves the appearance and performance of the vehicle. 

Today’s market provides many opportunities to personalize and enhance a vehicle. Using high-quality and durable tuning kits, you can make the car more attractive and functional in a short period of time.

Why do you need additional elements of the body kit

  • aesthetic role;
  • improvement of aerodynamics; 
  • protection from mechanical damage;
  • increasing stability on the roads;
  • increased safety; 
  • personalized car design.

Tuning components improve the appearance of the car, emphasizing its style and individuality. Some other elements improve engine efficiency and contribute to fuel economy.

Quality bumpers and sills can protect the car body from scratches, chips and other mechanical damage. Other elements improve the visibility of the vehicle, which contributes to safety on the road.

With the help of additional auto accessories and installation elements, the car owner can express his style and make unique changes to the design of the car. Many design details are useful both aesthetically and functionally.

Carbon parts in car tuning

Additional elements for the car are made of carbon fiber, which gives them not only lightness and strength, but also a unique appearance.

  • Carbon fiber inserts in the rear window give the car a more modern look and help improve aerodynamics.
  • The contour of the grille emphasizes the style and sporty look of the car.
  • Carbon fangs are fitted to the front bumper and give the car an individual sporty style.
  • Downspouts are fixed on the roof of the car and help to channel water away from the surface, which is especially useful when driving in rainy weather.
  • Carbon fiber arches are installed on the wheel wells and beautify the car.
  • Air duct inserts promote better air circulation and enhance the performance of the car.
  • Bumper and fender inserts will emphasize the sporty style of the vehicle and improve its aerodynamics.
  • Overlays are installed on the side mirrors, making the design of the car unique.
  • Moldings are decorations in the form of a decorative and functional bar.
  • Carbon chandelier on the roof gives the car a more colorful and memorable look.

Other parts add personality to the car, which can be valuable to motorists who want to stand out on the road. Due to their design, some parts improve the aerodynamics of the car, which has a positive effect on its performance.

For example, carbon fiber rear window inserts for the Audi RS6 C8 help create additional aerodynamic pressure, which can be useful at high speeds on the highway. Carbon fiber mirror covers for the BMW X7 G07 improve visibility and reduce drag.

Installing additional parts requires certain skills and tools. It is best to contact professionals and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Features of other body kit elements from Renegade Design

  • Our parts are made of high quality carbon fiber.
  • The material we use is lightweight, durable and resistant to sunlight, moisture and harsh chemicals.
  • Each part has a precise fit that matches the geometry of the vehicle. 
  • Elements can be installed without additional modifications.

We produce design elements that will make your car unique. All products and accessories comply with safety standards and do not affect the operation of important systems of the car.

We guarantee that our tuning kits will be compatible with your car model, which ensures their easy installation and proper functioning in the future.

The use of carbon fiber parts in car tuning is due to several important advantages of this material:

  • Carbon fiber is characterized by low weight with high strength. 
  • The parts are resistant to mechanical damage and deformation.
  • Carbon gives the bodywork an exclusive and modern appearance.
  • The texture and shine of the material create a feeling of high technology and emphasize style.

Other parts from our catalog are designed to optimally improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Quality fiber is resistant to moisture, corrosion and UV radiation. Our products will retain their appearance and quality for a long time.

Order other parts for car tuning in Renegade Design company

With us you can order durable and stylish parts for tuning your car, we specialize in producing elements for BMW, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche cars. Our products will give your car a personalized look and improve its performance.Contact us to order other auto tuning parts with delivery.

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