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Renegade design art of self-expression!

There are lots of good-looking cars that are so fast and their luxurious interiors are comparable to cabins of ocean liners. However, those cars look so familiar and you see them everyday and everywhere. Our company "Renegade design" is here to give you a hand so you can stand out.

"Renegade design" is a manufacturer of top quality aerodynamic tuning body kits. our company was founded in 2005 as a developer and manufacturer of individual tuning projects which became popular so fast and serial production was started.

Renegade team

The international company "Renegade design" is engaged in customization of premium cars. Among our clients, there are many famous people and businessmen who value high-quality products and services.

Renegade design is a team of professionals with a high level of service. If you are looking for a dynamic job, professional development and career opportunities, then choose the right direction and vacancies in various areas of the Renegade design Company

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Our manufacturing

Body kits by "Renegade design" are made of high-quality materials with a number of unique properties. Basalt fibers - are made from basalt rocks of volcanic origin, with high natural thermal properties, chemical resistance, are natural environmentally friendly raw materials. Therefore, basalt fibers have high initial strength, resistance to aggressive environments, have high heat resistance and sound insulation characteristics, low hygroscopicity. This determines the high performance of materials made with basalt fiber: high quality, durability, and resistance to natural factors, high temperatures and aggressive environments, resistance to vibrations, absolute incombustibility.
All basalt fiber products are warranted for 5 years.
Aerodynamic body kits by "Renegade design" it's a product of a symbiosis of engineering, great design, and excellent quality. The developing of our body kits is starts with an idea and ends in mass production. Our products are created in such a way that the existing appearance of the car was flawlessly complemented by new elements of our production.

Forged wheels

We have our own production of forged wheels for which we give a lifetime warranty. Our capabilities allow us to make any design of forged wheels. The standard load on the wheels that we make is 1000 kg per 1 unit, if necessary we can make a higher max load. Material - forged aluminum Alloy T6061T6. Monoblock wheel forging is the process of forming an aluminum billet between forging molds at extreme pressure. This creates a finished product, very dense, very strong and therefore very light! 2-piece forged wheels are made of two separate pieces, which are then bolted together. Why choose 2-piece forged wheels? Mostly because you can order a deeper concave profile in different colors. The most important parameter is the structure of the metal, this is the "cornerstone". In the process of stamping the blank, the grains are crushed, their deformation and stretching in a certain direction. Result: the metal structure becomes fibrous. Why forging? Undoubtedly forged rims are stronger than alloy wheels. This is achieved both thanks to the material and the process itself - during production, the material acquires a special structure, at the same time strong and ductile. It also makes the product lighter and more elegant. Modern equipment. At the stages of the production of forged wheels, process parameters are monitored by operators of technological equipment and each wheel is X-rayed for hidden defects. Weight reduction. The heavier the wheels, the more energy and time it will take to change their rotation speed. Overcoming this problem is installing lightweight forged wheels.


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