There are lots of good-looking cars that are so fast and their luxurious interiors are comparable to cabins of ocean liners. However, those cars look so familiar and you see them everyday and everywhere. Our company "Renegade-Design" is here to give you a hand so you can stand out.

"Renegade-Design" is a manufacturer of top quality aerodynamic tuning body kits. our company was founded in 2005 as a developer and manufacturer of individual tuning projects which became popular so fast and serial production was started.

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    Body kits installed
  • 50 countries
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    Partners worldwide

Our Team

Our manufacturing

Aerodynamic tuning body kits made by "Renegade-Design" are the product of brilliant engineering advances combined with magnificent design and top quality. The appearence of our tuning body kits is being drawn from scratch. Our products are created in such a way that the existing appearence of a car was perfectly completed by new elements made by our professionals.

"Renegade" tuning body kits are made of top quality fiberglass. it’s a material with certain unique advantages. Fiberglass is an lightweight and shock-resistant material that is not exposed to climatic factors and possesses increased strength characteristics. We provide 5 years warranty on all products made of fiberglass.