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Body extenders are an element of a car tuning kit designed to optimize its aerodynamic and visual characteristics. The main elements of body extensions are bumper covers, door covers, wheel arches.

Why do you install body extension kits?

The installation of body extension kits is carried out in order to fulfill several technical and aesthetic functions.

  • Aesthetic modification gives the vehicle a unique and dynamic appearance. This effect is achieved by installing specialized overlays that visually enhance the aggressive character of the vehicle.
  • High-quality dodger elements improve the aerodynamic parameters of the car. This is manifested in increased stability of the car in high-speed driving and in conditions of increased wind load.

Body extension kits include elements to give your car a more spectacular appearance, as well as to increase its functional and aerodynamic potential.

  • Bumper covers — a tuning element that changes the appearance of the car. Covers protect the front and rear bumper from mechanical damage during small collisions or parking, absorbing part of the impact energy and softening the impact.
  • Door moldings are decorative and protective elements that protect the body from accidental scratches, dents, hiding minor damage on the body. By installing moldings you can change the geometry of the body and give it a more streamlined look.
  • Wheel arch extenders serve not only as a decorative element that enhances the effect, expressiveness and individuality of the car, but also a reliable protection of the body from splashes and dirt. 

Features and benefits of body extensions from Renegade Design

In the production of components for body extensions we use only premium materials that provide high reliability of products, guaranteeing the preservation of the original appearance for a long period of operation.

Renegade Design body extensions offer a number of advantages:

  • strength and durability;
  • lightness;
  • heat and moisture resistance;
  • aesthetic design;
  • long service life.

How to order body extenders from Renegade Design Company

Want to buy body extenders for your BMW X7, Toyota Tundra or JEEP GC? We have the perfect accessory for your car. We always have dodger kits for the most popular car models in stock.

Advantages of ordering from Renegade Design:

  • wide range of quality products; 
  • 5-year warranty on all products;
  • possibility of installation of dodger elements by professionals at the nearest service station, dealer center or directly from us;
  • ast delivery across Russia and all over the world.

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