Mercedes body kits

Body kit for Mercedes-Benz G63

Body kit for Mercedes-Benz G63

Body kit for Mercedes-Benz GLS X167

Body kit for Mercedes-Benz GLS X167

Body kit for Mercedes-Benz GLE V167

Body kit for Mercedes-Benz GLE V167

Body kit for Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe C167

Body kit for Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe C167

Body kit for Mercedes-Benz W223

Body kit for Mercedes-Benz W223


Each Mercedes-Benz is a convenient, fast, outwardly attractive multi-purpose vehicle that combines all the most important characteristics of a car. Being an outwardly attractive, fast and comfortable vehicle, Mercedes-Benz has won the love of millions of car enthusiasts, and at the same time has become an object for customization, which favorably emphasizes all the advantages of these cars.

Mercedes-Benz tuning kits are an excellent option for the body design of the German car brand. Nothing emphasizes the luxury and elegance of Mercedes-Benz like a quality styling kit. Additional elements give your car individuality and exclusivity. Body kits are designed with the characteristic features of this brand in mind, which guarantees their perfect compatibility with the car.

Why the installation of bodykits for Mercedes-Benz is popular 

Our tuning kits for German cars will not only improve the appearance of the car, but also emphasize its outstanding performance. Get ready to attract admiring glances and enjoy improved performance with our quality body parts.

Mercedes-Benz body kit installation is ordered for a number of good reasons:

  • Body kits give the vehicle an original and unique appearance, emphasizing style and individuality. 
  • Some vehicle body kits are designed with aerodynamic characteristics in mind, which can improve the stability and maneuverability of the vehicle, especially at high speeds.
  • The parts can serve as protection against mechanical damage and external influences, such as scratches, paint chips and minor impacts.

Mercedes-Benz tuning kit 

A Mercedes-Benz body kit from Renegade Design is more than just an enhancement to your vehicle. It is an immersion into the fantasy of individual design, where your imagination knows no bounds.

Options for tuning elements:

  • Cones, contours and badges — give the grille a more aggressive and stylish look. 
  • Roof lights — add a visual accent and emphasize the sporty character of your car.
  • Hood covers — can change its shape and structure, adding a personalized accent to your car.
  • Moldings — improve its aerodynamics and overall appearance.
  • Door handle covers — add style and functionality to your car by making it easier to open the doors.
  • Arches and tailpipes — add elegance to your car and improve aerodynamics.
  • Skirts — enhance the visual effect and provide practical protection.
  • Bumper lip — complements the rear body kit, enhancing the aggressiveness of the rear of the car.
  • Fog lamp cover — gives the front of the car a more dynamic and modern look.
  • Downspouts — add an interesting design element to the side windows and can also have a practical purpose.
  • Mirror covers — not only decorate the mirrors, but can also protect them from damage.
  • Window frames — emphasize the lines of the windows and give your car a special character.

Features of Renegade Design kits

  • Our innovative Mercedes dodger includes over 100 high quality carbon fiber parts designed with careful attention to design. 
  • Each of these parts can be manufactured in a variety of different variations and are available in stunning glossy or exquisite matte finishes.

What makes our bodywork unique? — Is the personalized approach to each order. We create parts that reflect your style and character. All body kit parts are made from high quality materials such as carbon fiber, ABS plastic, polyurethane and others. This ensures a long service life and excellent durability.

The body kit elements are designed to fit perfectly on your car. This ensures that the body kit will look natural as part of the original design.

We have a large selection of designs for each element of the kit. 

Advantages of ordering a tuning kit for Mercedes-Benz at Renegade Design 

  • Exceptionally high quality and reliable materials and parts.
  • Emphasized luxury and individuality.
  • Advanced technology and design.
  • Easy installation and perfect fit.

Renegade Design bodykits are not just tuning elements, but a key part of your vehicle’s style. We offer customization options to customize your ride. You can choose the trim, color, and other options to make your vehicle truly unique.

Our company manufactures body kits for a variety of Mercedes models including Mercedes-Benz G W463, Mercedes-Benz GLS X167, Mercedes-Benz GLE V167, Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe C167, and Mercedes-Benz W223. We provide a warranty on our products, as well as convenient payment and delivery terms. To get detailed advice, please contact our specialists.

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