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Car sills are a part of stylish tuning and reliable protection of your vehicle. Such a design element, which is also called a car footrest, is also a component of car safety.

The accessory, made of reliable and durable materials, will serve for many years. Thanks to the variety of designs and styles, each car owner can pick up the sills according to his preferences. Installation of car sills not only improves the appearance of the car, but also makes it more functional.

Why do you need sills for a car

Many car owners install this accessory not only for aesthetic appeal, but also to protect the body from splashes, scratches and mechanical damage. 

  • Sills are important body elements that connect the body pillars at the bottom and form the doorway. 
  • These elements are considered particularly susceptible to corrosion as they are in direct contact with moisture, salt and other external factors. 
  • Maximum protection and care of the sills is necessary to prevent damage to them and extend the life of the vehicle.

Car sills are not only a style element, but also a practical car accessory, which brings a lot of benefits to the car owner. This component of the car performs a decorative and protective function at any time of the year.

First of all, sills provide reliable protection from splashes, scratches and mechanical damage, which helps to maintain the appearance of the car in excellent condition. They also help to keep the interior clean by preventing dirt and moisture from getting in and out of the car.

Benefits of installing sill plates

  • Improved lateral protection of the bodywork from damage. The sills on your vehicle serve as a reliable barrier, preventing scratches, bumps, and damage to the side panels, ensuring that the appearance and value of your vehicle is preserved.
  • Providing rigidity to the middle section of the body. Installing sills helps to strengthen the body, which increases its strength and stability on the road, as well as improving the handling characteristics of the vehicle.
  • Comfortable getting in and out of the car. Sills facilitate the process of getting in and out of the car, which is convenient for the driver and passengers. This is especially useful for low-slung cars or SUVs.
  • Great restyling solution. Thresholds provide an opportunity for tuning and upgrading your car, giving it an individual and distinctive appearance.

How to select and install a sill

Selecting and installing car sills requires following certain steps. First, determine the right accessories for your car, taking into account the make, model and year of manufacture. Also choose the material of the product according to the design and style that matches your preferences.

Popular types of sills are carbon fiber, ABS plastic, and fiberglass. Properly installed and quality molding does not require frequent replacement and perfectly withstands operation. Also important are the clips and fasteners used, which ensure the stability of the design.

  • Threshold moldings should be of optimal thickness.
  • Installation of moldings is performed on a degreased body.
  • A set of specialized tools and equipment will be required.
  • There should be no deflection or sagging of the products.
  • Thresholds are installed mainly on the standard places, but sometimes it is necessary to make an additional hole.
  • No traces of installation materials should remain after fixing.

The sill should be strong and durable. The car accessory is accompanied by an instruction from the manufacturer, which prescribes the service life and composition of materials.

After installation, it is necessary to make sure that the sills are securely fastened and have no backlash. Accessories should not interfere with the normal operation of the doors and wheels.

Tips for proper installation of auto sills

  • It is necessary to properly treat the bodywork;
  • only quality auto accessories should be used;
  • work should be carried out by qualified craftsmen with experience.

It is better to immediately contact professionals in a car service or dealership center. Competent installation guarantees proper fixation and safety of using sills on your car.

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You can buy thresholds for cars with delivery by placing an order on our website. For additional consultation please contact us.

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