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Body kit for Range Rover Sport

Body kit for Range Rover Sport

Body kit for Range Rover

Body kit for Range Rover


Body kit for Land Rover 

Land Rover is characterized by its ability to overcome difficult roads due to its high cross-country ability. Installing a tuning body kit for Land Rover is an opportunity to make the appearance of the car even more memorable.

With a quality body kit you will protect your vehicle from external influences, improve its performance and add individuality to the body. 

Why do you need a Land Rover body kit? 

Installing a Land Rover body kit transforms your vehicle, making it even more impressive and functional. Every detail of the body kit accentuates its readiness for challenging road conditions, providing not only protection from bumps and scratches, but also a stylish appearance that emphasizes its advanced capabilities.

Land Rover is a symbol of power and excellence in the world of SUVs. Body kit for this brand is not just an element of style, but an armor ready to protect it in different operating conditions.

  • Body kit can protect the car from bumps, scratches and other damage.
  • A tuning kit can complete the appearance of the car, making it more aggressive and stylish.
  • Some body kit parts can increase the practicality and functionality of the car, providing additional features.
  • The aerodynamic improvements provided by a sporty body kit have a positive effect on engine performance and optimize fuel consumption.

Land Rover tuning body kit kit 

  • The hood is not just a protection for the engine, but one of the key parts that emphasizes the style and power of your car. 
  • Radiator grille — an important part of the ventilation system that combines style and functionality, improving airflow to the radiator and protecting it from external influences.
  • Front Bumper — protects the front of your vehicle, and is a stylish addition to the overall look of your car.
  • Body extensions — specially designed elements that not only give your vehicle a powerful and grandiose look, but also provide additional protection from mud and rocks off-road.
  • Daytime Running Lights — A part of safety and a stylish accent that makes your vehicle more visible on the road.
  • Rear brake light — A braking indicator that is a key safety and style element of your vehicle, enhancing driving safety.
  • Exhaust tips — a flawless addition to your exhaust system.
  • Spoiler and spoiler covers are some of the aerodynamic elements. 
  • Rear bumper with diffuser — an additional element that gives your car a sporty look, protects it and improves its overall appearance.
  • Bumper covers — protection from scratches and additional elegance.
  • Lower diode light — an additional lighting element that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Body kit on Land Rover is a great way to emphasize the character of a bright SUV. Tuning improves the handling of the car and makes it more dynamic.

Body kit elements are easy to install. There is no need to further change the design features of the car, as the body kit complements and improves the body without the need for technical changes in the configuration.

Features of Land Rover body kit from the manufacturer Renegade Design 

  • In-house production — quality control of the full cycle of manufacturing;
  • body kit elements are made of high quality, durable and modern materials;
  • design and configuration are developed by professionals;
  • body kit is designed taking into account the characteristic features of Land Rover.

Our tuning body kit for Land Rover is a way to make your SUV stylish and unique. Body kits emphasize the character and functionality of your Land Rover, making it stand out from other SUVs.

All parts are designed to meet the extreme conditions and use of the car, providing durability and reliability. Our body kits for Land Rover are characterized by style and practical protective features, quality and unique design.

We offer tuning kits for various Land Rover models. From powerful front bumpers to protective sills, each body kit is uniquely designed for optimal functionality in the most demanding conditions, allowing you to not only stand out on the road, add brightness and personality, but also provide your vehicle with additional features.

Advantages of ordering a tuning body kit from Renegade Design company

  • 5-year warranty on all products and our services;
  • unconditional compatibility and perfect fit;
  • exclusive premium tuning look.

Body kits for Land Rover are created using high quality materials and advanced technology, ensuring a perfect fit and long life. We create body kit parts for flawless tuning of luxury foreign cars. Contact us to order the fabrication and installation of a body kit for your Land Rover.

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