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A bumper is a dodger component whose function is much broader than just beautifying your vehicle. These components play a vital role in ensuring safety and improving overall vehicle performance.

1.Impact Absorption. Designed to absorb and distribute impact energy during a collision, thereby minimizing potential injury to occupants.

2.Aerodynamic Performance. In addition to safety, installing a bumper also improves the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle when traveling at high speeds.

3.Status and Style. Bumper design can make your car more status and stylish, effectively highlighting your car.

This part of the dodger often becomes a key element of tuning, allowing not only to increase safety, but also to optimize aerodynamics and improve the appearance of your car. Thus, bumpers have a significant impact on the overall operation and driving comfort of your car.

What a front and rear bumper is fitted for

When choosing a bumper, it’s worth considering its purpose, from protection to aesthetics.

  • Body protection. Properly selected bumpers serve to protect the body from various mechanical damages, preventing the appearance of scratches, chips and other minor defects.
  • An important element that protects during a collision. Bumpers do not change and improve the appearance of your car, they also perform a power function. In the event of an accident, quality bumpers can reduce the risk of injury and body damage by absorbing some of the impact energy.
  • Increasing the status of the car (restyling). In addition to practical benefits, installing new bumpers is considered an effective restyling method. Replacing standard bumpers with more stylish ones can give the car a new, more status and elegant look.

Pros of buying bumpers from Renegade Design

When you choose Renegade Design, you get a number of advantages:

  • a wide selection of bumpers made of durable, certified materials: carbon, basalt, ABS plastic, fiberglass;
  • different models of bumpers for different types and brands of vehicles in stock and on order;
  • low prices for original dodger elements, produced in limited series and customized design.

Order a bumper at Renegade Design with delivery and installation

Renegade Design offers to buy front and rear bumpers for various car brands such as Toyota, BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover, Lexus, Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz and JEEP GC.
Why buying bumper parts from Renegade Design is a great choice for every car owner:

  • original components with a 5-year warranty;
  • prompt delivery throughout Russia and beyond;
  • strict quality control, availability of certificates for all products;
  • high-quality installation of the bumper at the nearest dealer or at the service station of our company.

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