Hood for BMW X7

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Brand: BMW
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The hood of BMW X7 has pronounced structure with a bump and rather sharp ledges on the sides. A figure notch looks aggressive and stylish. Touchstone is used to manufacture the part; it is durable, thermal resistant and light. This tuning part is installed to the original hood using factory hinges. All the small parts are moved from the old hood to the tuning one, as well as the BMW logo. During the installation a special attention is paid to hinges adjustment to insure that both hood fit perfectly together and the spacing is even.
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    170*154*24 cm
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    Renegade Design

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Hood for BMW X7

Hood for BMW X7 – unique style and high functionality in one vehicle


The hood for the BMW X7 is a unique quality that combines the best value for money. This part has improved aerodynamic attributes, high-quality airflow distribution, and a gradual increase in driving force, increasing movement efficiency in various conditions. This part is perfect for your car, emphasizing the owner’s good taste. You can choose the best solution according to your preferences and wishes. It is enough to place an order on our Renegade design website.

The hood for the BMW X7 has many advantages over its counterparts. This is a prestigious fixture, emphasizing the high status of the owner. The hood is made of high-quality technological material. Carbon and basalt coating has increased resistance to adverse external influences. Among the main characteristics of this equipment are the following:

  • Streamlined shape. The dynamics and efficiency of engine cooling directly depend on this. The hood also gives your vehicle a more attractive appearance.
  • Design. You can choose an option that perfectly matches the color of your vehicle or stands out by focusing on this detail.
  • Options. You can choose a hood equipped with additional elements to increase the functionality of the equipment.

A wide range of functional solutions allows everyone to choose the best option by each customer’s individual preferences. You can choose the hood that suits your needs.

Our company offers you only the best solutions. Tuning your car will become more accessible and efficient than ever with us. There are such benefits of our service:

  • installation of equipment;
  • high-quality parts that meet modern quality standards;
  • guarantee for all types of products.

You can choose the best detail for your car in our catalog, which has all the required configurations. Emphasize your style and good taste.

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