Lexus body kits

Body kit for Lexus LX600

Body kit for Lexus LX600

Body kit for Lexus LX570 / 450d

Body kit for Lexus LX570 / 450d


Lexus Tuning Body Kit 

Lexus tuning body kit is the best way to add expression and style to your Japanese brand car. Lexus tuning kit for Lexus emphasizes a sleek and understated design, making your car even more elegant, memorable and individual.

The bodykit elements are designed with the characteristic features of the car brand, which provides a perfect combination of style and practicality. High quality materials guarantee a long service life. Body kit for a Japanese foreign car is stylish, functional and spectacular.

Reasons for installing a tuning kit for Lexus

Installing a Lexus body kit brings several significant benefits. Many body kits are designed to improve aerodynamics, which can improve your car’s stability and handling at high speeds.

This is why car owners choose this tuning kit:

  • A body kit with customized styling makes your Lexus unique and makes it stand out from other cars. 
  • You can choose the kit according to your own preferences — the tuning body kit will be an exclusive addition to the body.
  • A quality body kit can improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the car, which in turn increases stability on the road and reduces fuel consumption.
  • Bumper and sill plates are an additional protection of the body from mechanical damage, reducing the risk of scratches and dents
  • Sporty body kits provide better handling and performance.

Modern body kit gives the car the most grandiose and brutal look. It emphasizes the Lexus build features, making the car even more attractive to you and others.

By installing a tuning body kit on a Lexus car, you get the opportunity to transform your car without having to change the structural features of the vehicle. Also body kit helps to protect the body from external damage, keeping its beautiful appearance for a long time. 

Recognizable Japanese style and individuality of your Lexus with a tuning body kit will attract admiring glances of others. 

Body kit for Lexus 

  • Stylish front bumper with radiator grille will give your car a more aggressive and modern look.
  • Front bumper splitter made of carbon or basalt complements the front bumper, improving aerodynamics and giving a sporty look.
  • The upper spoiler helps improve roadholding and adds a design accent.
  • An aerodynamic rear bumper diffuser improves aerodynamics and rear axle downforce.
  • Front bumper inserts complete the look of the front bodywork.
  • The front bumper lip gives a more aggressive and sporty appearance.
  • Body extensions emphasize the advantages of the brand, adding not only luxury and elegance, but also functionality.

Fog lights, rear and front bumpers and splitters are also provided. These parts are important parts of the tuning body kit. Fog lights improve visibility in poor visibility conditions, increasing driving safety. 

Rear bumper not only gives a stylish appearance, but also provides protection to the corresponding part of the car. Front bumper splitter, made with aerodynamic characteristics in mind, helps to improve the stability of the car and increases the efficiency of air streamline, which reduces aerodynamic drag. 

Features of Lexus tuning body kits from Renegade Design 

  • thoughtful functionality;
  • quality, modern and attractive materials;
  • perfect body compatibility.

Our aerodynamic and sport body kits for Lexus emphasize the modern style of cars of this brand. We pay special attention to quality and details of tuning to create a unique appearance of your car.

We offer tuning kits for various Lexus models. We have body kit options that are sure to please and delight others.

Advantages of ordering a Lexus body kit from Renegade Design

  • Perfect design and the best quality;
  • high-tech manufacturing process;
  • a bright accent on the status and attractiveness of the car;
  • easy installation and long service life of the body kit;
  • first-class appearance for years to come.

Body kits from Renegade Design are the best solution for premium tuning. We develop and innovative design, combining modern styling, technical elements and carefully considered details.

Renegade Design body kits maintain and improve vehicle performance while providing car owners with many personalization options

A 5 year warranty demonstrates the reliability and durability of our body kits. To order a tuning body kit and get installation assistance, contact us.

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