Lamborgini body kits

Body kit for Lamborghini Urus

Body kit for Lamborghini Urus


Lamborghini Body Kits 

Exquisite custom bodywork for Lamborghini is not just a stylish addition to the car, but a true symbol of individuality and luxury. Developed with the design and character of the car in mind, these tuning parts transform the look of the car, making the vehicle memorable on the road. Tuning kits can also optimize the performance and aerodynamics of a Lamborghini.

Why Lamborghini Body Kit Installation is Popular 

  • The ability to improve aerodynamics and performance;
  • the practical and functional role of body kit elements;
  • addition to the standard design;
  • spectacular appearance and attractiveness.

Lamborghini is the epitome of luxury, power and elegance. Installation of bodywork on cars of this brand not only emphasizes their sporty appearance, but also gives individuality to the body. 

Installation of bodykits not only transforms the car, but also emphasizes the status, taste, style and character of its owner. Lamborghini Body Kit offers a wide range of options, from aggressive and dynamic looks to refined luxury. As a result of the installation of dodgers the car becomes a unique work of art.

Lamborghini kit uncludes

  • Splitters are aerodynamic elements installed at the front of the car, usually under the front bumper. They direct the airflow, reducing front axle lift and increasing the car’s stability at high speeds.
  • Diffusers are placed at the rear of the vehicle and help improve aerodynamics. They reduce aerodynamic drag, increase rear wheel to road adhesion and help in creating additional aerodynamic pressure.
  • Rear spoilers can improve the aerodynamics and appearance of a vehicle. They help reduce rear axle lift, which contributes to better stability at high speeds.
  • Side sills beautify the side of the car and also reduce side lift when traveling at high speeds.
  • Bumper lips are installed at the front of the car and help improve aerodynamics and can also give a more aggressive appearance.

Aerodynamic components can include various parts such as air intakes, vents, and fenders that help in controlling airflow and improving aerodynamics.

A hood designed with aerodynamics in mind can reduce the weight of the front of the car, as well as give a sportier appearance.

Each of these bodykit elements is designed with not only aesthetics in mind, but also the impact on the performance of the vehicle. Installing elements like these can give your Lamborghini a unique style and increase performance on the road.

Features of Lamborghini tuning kits from Renegade Design include 

  • individual character;
  • lightness and strength; 
  • aerodynamics and performance; 
  • easy assembly and expert installation.

Exclusive Lamborghini Tuning Kits by Renegade Design are art in every detail, perfect work of engineers and undoubtedly expressive style. Our mission is to give your Lamborghini a unique look that reflects your passion for speed and dynamics.

We understand that every Lamborghini has its own character and style. Our custom body kits are designed to emphasize it to the best of its ability. The exclusive design of each part gives your car a special charm.

We use the most advanced materials — carbon fiber and basalt — to ensure the longevity of your kit. This not only reduces the strain on your car, but also gives it a distinctive luxurious look.

Advantages of ordering Lamborghini dodgers from Renegade Design 

  • Professional production of tuning elements;
  • quality, confirmed by a 5-year warranty;
  • reliable, modern and durable materials.

Lamborghini body kit from Renegade Design provides stability at high speeds and excellent handling. Your Lamborghini becomes more maneuverable and productive.

Installing our kit is easy and intuitive. We value your time, so we try to simplify the tuning process so you can enjoy the improved new look of your car faster. With Lamborghini bodykit from Renegade Design, you turn your passion into reality. Accentuate your style, enhance your performance and become unique on the road. Contact us for a consultation.

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