Hood for Toyota Tundra

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Brand: Toyota
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Toyota Tundra model is already 20 years old, but it is still all the rage. You can meet this full-size pickup truck with a four-door cabin and a spacious cargo bed in remote areas of the world more often now. And it is quite understandable. This powerful, appealing and functional car allows you to implement both passenger travel and freight transportation. Speed, durability, high clearance are additional benefits. This car’s modern body has smooth lines with defined features at the bottom. Renegade Design company is offering a hood for Toyota Tundra, which will add to the vehicle’s brutality and style. The tuning part has angular linear ledges with two symmetrical air intakes. This makes the front of the car a bit more aggressive. And you get an additional source of cooling for the engine. This bonnet is made out of basalt fiber and has a 5-year warranty. The installation is implemented into the original fixing points.
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    184*132*33 cm
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    Renegade Design

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Hood for Toyota Tundra

Hood for Toyota Tundra – high build quality and strict design


The hood for Toyota Tundra is distinguished by its rigid structure, massive shape, and increased reliability. This design is resistant to adverse external influences and loads. The hood will become a reliable protection for your body without creating additional load on the structure. Unleash the hidden potential of your car with quality and modern parts.

The hood for Toyota Tundra has many attractive features. This body element is manufactured by Renegade design specialists from high-quality and completely safe materials. The body is made of basalt fiber, which has an optimal ratio of price and quality. This part is lightweight and resistant to loads and negative external influences. Other benefits include:

  • optimum cooling of the engine during a trip;
  • reducing the weight of the car structure;
  • optimum distribution of air streams.

The hood has a stylish appearance, becoming an unusual addition to the design of your vehicle. The front of the car becomes more massive, expressive, and masculine. The body acquires incredible dynamics and efficiency. For maximum results, purchase a complete kit that will emphasize the attractive design of your vehicle.

Our company will help you choose a hood for Toyota Tundra that meets all your wishes. As a result, your car will acquire an unusual and stylish appearance. Other benefits of our equipment include:

  • a guarantee for a qualitative detail for the car;
  • stylish and unique design;
  • use only safe materials.

Our company is always ready to offer you only practical and functional solutions. Here, you can get acquainted with the assortment and get advice on all buying issues. You can order all the necessary components from our company. We offer practical solutions so that you can move comfortably in your vehicle.

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