Toyota Tundra model is already 20 years old, but it is still all the rage. You can meet this full-size pickup truck with a four-door cabin and a spacious cargo bed in remote areas of the world more often now. And it is quite understandable. This powerful, appealing and functional car allows you to implement both passenger travel and freight transportation. Speed, durability, high clearance are additional benefits. This car’s modern body has smooth lines with defined features at the bottom. Renegade Design company is offering a hood for Toyota Tundra, which will add to the vehicle’s brutality and style. The tuning part has angular linear ledges with two symmetrical air intakes. This makes the front of the car a bit more aggressive. And you get an additional source of cooling for the engine. This bonnet is made out of basalt fiber and has a 5-year warranty. The installation is implemented into the original fixing points.