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Diffuser is one of the elements of the car bodywork for tuning. The part is located in the rear part of the car, on the underbody under the bumper. Structurally, it is a shaped plate with stiffening ribs and technological holes. Initially appeared on racing cars Formula 1, diffusers were appreciated by the owners of ordinary cars. By the end of the last century, when tuning went beyond the private workshops and became mass-produced, large-scale production of various diffusers began. The company Renegade Disign is a recognized authority in the field of tuning and the creation of dodger parts for executive class cars, such as Jeep GC, Maserati, Mercedes-benz, BMW, AUDI, Toyota, Porsche and others.

Why diffusers are needed

At the time of their creation, diffusers were designed to solve a specific task — to facilitate the process of controlled skidding (drifting) at high speeds. On urban roads, the speed of transport has limitations, so the requirements for diffusers have changed somewhat, which led to changes in the appearance and functionality of these elements of the dodger. At the moment diffusers perform the following tasks:

  • separation and redirection of air flows passing under the bottom of the car to improve the aerodynamic properties of the car;
  • facilitating vehicle control and giving it stability on the road;
  • additional cooling during braking by directing airflow into the brake system;
  • smoother ride;
  • protection of the underbody and bumper from sand, gravel, rubble, branches;
  • improving the appearance of the rear part of the car, including the bumper, thanks to the design features of the diffuser;
  • giving the car individuality and highlighting it among other cars.

Improvement of aerodynamic properties of the car is due to the features of the structure of the diffuser. Usually they have 5 or more rigid ribs, which are responsible for the separation and redirection of air flows. This solution allows to increase downforce due to additional pressure on the rear of the car. In other words, the rear of the car becomes more stable as its lift force is reduced.

Features of diffusers from Renegade Design

The company Renegade Design has a full cycle of production, which allows you to fulfill in time even the most complex orders. The workshops are equipped with all necessary equipment, including CNC machines, and the in-house design studio makes it possible to create unique diffuser designs. The customer can buy a ready-made diffuser or order one from carbon, fiberglass, ABS plastic or basalt. The parts can be both natural and painted in the required color. The dodger element does not narrow the clearance, but only forms a spectacular outline of the lower part of the rear bumper.

Cars with Renegade Design diffusers can be insured and registered in the traditional way. This is due to the fact that the dodger is fully compliant with the manufacturer’s standards. The diffusers come with a five-year warranty.

Installation and delivery

Renegade Design manufactures diffusers with delivery to all regions of Russia and the world. Payment is made by cash or cashless payment, as well as by bank card. Installation can be carried out both directly in the company’s workshop and in the nearest dealer center, which has all the necessary tools and equipment. Order a diffuser from Renegade Design and it will invariably attract extra attention.

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