Hood for Maserati Levante

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Brand: Maserati
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This crossover by the famous Italian brand Maserati that specializes in producing luxury cars, is distinguished by its design. Elevated clearance, wide body, but at the same time predatory lines, which are typical for sports cars. Renegade Design team proudly presents a basalt bonnet, which fits perfectly your Maserati Levante. There are no flashy details or aggressive structure. Along the elevated lines of the central part of the hood there appeared narrow gaps of air intakes with sunk relief at the base. Maserati Levante with our bonnet looks low-key and stylish.
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    185*157*21 cm
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    Renegade Design

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Hood for Maserati Levante

Hood for Maserati Levante – high quality and elegant appearance from the Italian manufacturer


The hood for Maserati Levante is durable basalt fiber with high quality and reliability. This small detail will be a great addition to your vehicle, emphasizing the owner’s good taste –only quality and comfort with proven information from the Italian manufacturer.

The hood is highly streamlined and compact without taking up much free space. The designers deliberately made a small but effective detail that did not put additional stress on the vehicle structure. With its help, optimal air blowing off the engine is ensured, protecting against overheating.

The hood for Maserati Levante, presented on our company Renegade design site, will appeal to you. This addition will organically complement your vehicle’s design. This design is essential in cases where you drive at high speeds. Expressive straight lines and the absence of unnecessary details make your vehicle even more accurate. Among the main advantages, you should pay attention to the following:

  • relatively small weight of the part, which does not create additional pressure on the structure;
  • the most accurate modern design of the structure;
  • minimum air resistance due to aerodynamic shape.

After installing the hood, your car will change its appearance and become more accurate, stylish, and modern. At the same time, he will move with minimal obstacles.

Our company offers only high-quality components that meet all standard standards and requirements. We manufacture proven parts that are tested in all respects, which reduces the risk of damage during operation. The main advantages of our company are:

  • official insurance of the result of work;
  • manufacturer’s warranty;
  • safe materials;
  • availability of supporting certificates.

The hood fully meets all requirements. It has optimal configurations for operation, perfectly complementing the functionality of your vehicle. For maximum effect, you can use our service at any time. We offer you only the best and safest solutions.

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