Infiniti body kits

Body kit for Infiniti QX (FX S51)

Body kit for Infiniti QX (FX S51)


Infiniti body kits

Installing a tuning body kit is a key aspect of your Infiniti’s style and personality, transforming the look and functionality of your vehicle. Tuning add-ons are not just a set of products, but a way to bring your unique style to life on the road, adding sophistication and elegance to every detail of the body. 

Renegade Design body kits for Infiniti vehicles are designed to not only emphasize the dynamic style of a luxury car, but also to enhance its aerodynamic qualities, providing high performance. Designed using advanced technology and high quality materials, body kits will be the perfect addition for your Infiniti.

Why you need to install tuning body kits for Infiniti

  • Emphasize stylish design;
  • Improved car performance
  • improved dynamics and performance;
  • spectacular appearance of the car.

Installing tuning body kits for Infiniti does not just change its appearance, but also gives it practicality and functionality. Body kits are designed with the brand in mind, the parts improve aerodynamics, enhance performance, and make your car more stable on the road

A sporty body kit can also protect your bodywork from minor damage, keeping it in pristine condition. Installing body kits is a way to stand out on the road, emphasize your style and add uniqueness to your car.

Individuality in the details is exactly what installing a tuning body kit for your Infiniti is all about. Each body kit is designed to match the exact design and style of the vehicle, giving it a new look.

Discover new facets of aesthetics and functionality, adding something special to your car. Installing body kits will emphasize the refined and stylish look of the car, taking your car’s comfort to a new level.

What is included in the body kit Infiniti

  • Overlays on the rear and front bumpers, created taking into account the aesthetics and shape of the car;
  • exhaust tips, which add additional aggressiveness, expressiveness and sporty look to the body;
  • a stylish and functional rear brake light helps improve visibility on the road and enhances safety;
  • the body extension makes the body more memorable and powerful;
  • specially designed hood gives the vehicle additional aesthetics;
  • the upper spoiler cover improves aerodynamics and adds elegance to the car’s design;
  • the lower spoiler provides a stylish look and helps improve aerodynamic function;
  • body extension — a new level of style and uniqueness, emphasizes the sporty character of the car.

Every detail is designed by professionals to blend perfectly with the overall Infiniti aesthetic. Renegade Design’s innovative body kits for Infiniti include parts that transform the car’s appearance and emphasize its style. The original body kit elements, designed specifically for Infiniti models, give the car a sophisticated and personalized look. The new body kit will not only change the appearance, but also improve aerodynamics, contributing to more efficient driving.

Features of Infiniti tuning body kits from Renegade Design

  • The technologies used in manufacturing allow you to maintain not only attractiveness, but also integrate innovative design elements, emphasizing the sporty character of the car;
  • innovative equipment and high quality materials used in the manufacture of body kits for Infiniti ensure strength, durability and perfect fit of each element. 

Infiniti is a car that embodies luxury, modernity and dynamics. Installing tuning body kits for Infiniti will allow you to enhance the impression of their luxurious appearance, adding style and sportiness to every line of the body.

Renegade Design’s Infiniti tuning body kit products represent the epitome of cutting-edge concepts in automotive tuning. Our approach to body kit development involves the use of innovative materials that provide not only superior quality, but also aesthetics. Each body kit element is designed with the unique features of different Infiniti models in mind. The result is a harmonious blend of individuality and sophistication that makes the car unique and stylish.

Advantages of ordering an Infiniti body kit from Renegade Design 

  • In our production we use materials — carbon fiber and basalt, they guarantee the strength and lightness of body kit parts;
  • each element of tuning is developed taking into account the peculiarities of Infiniti models, preserving the style and individuality of the car; 
  • our body kit helps to emphasize the sporty character and dynamics, to add exclusivity to your car;
  • we provide installation services, guaranteeing competent and reliable fixation of each element.

Renegade Design company provides an opportunity to make constructive and design changes in body kit elements, corresponding to individual preferences of car owners. Manufacturing body kits for Infiniti cars in our company is the right choice.

Body kits are designed to create a harmonious combination of individuality and practicality. We help owners to realize their preferences and ideas on the appearance of the car. Contact us for a consultation.

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