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Body kit for Audi RS7

Body kit for Audi RS7

Body kit for Audi RS6 C8

Body kit for Audi RS6 C8

Body kit for Audi Q7 4M

Body kit for Audi Q7 4M


Audi body kit

Nothing emphasizes the dynamism and innovation of an Audi more than a quality tuning kit. Additional elements made of modern materials and customized design add a unique accent to your car. 

Audi bodykit elements are designed with the characteristic features of this brand, which allows you to make your car the best and catchy on the road. Regardless of the features of the car model, you can find the right kit that will emphasize the character of the car.

What to install Audi tuning kit for

  • A great addition to the car;
  • practical and functional purpose;
  • Improved aerodynamic performance.

The Audi brand has always epitomized prestige and great performance. There is also one nuance that will make your Audi even more colorful and unique — a quality tuning kit. Tuning kits are created with special attention to detail and the character of the car.

Many custom elements are designed with aerodynamics in mind, which can reduce aerodynamic drag and improve stability at high speeds.

Bodykits are made from high quality materials that are lightweight and highly durable. Such components improve the handling and performance of the car. Some elements of the bodykit serve as protection from mechanical damage and external factors.

What is included in the set of body kit for Audi

  • Side skirts made of carbon fiber or under paint, which give your Audi not only a refined appearance, but also additional functionality. 
  • Front bumper covers that complement the design of the car, creating a sporty style and adding an element of luxury.
  • Front bumper lip, which plays an important role in the aerodynamics of the car as it is designed to reduce aerodynamic drag.
  • Carbon fiber hood, which not only gives the car a sporty look but also improves handling.
  • A front bumper splitter that controls airflow under the car, which increases downforce and stability at high speeds.
  • Upper spoiler to give the car an aggressive look and also improve aerodynamics.
  • Rear bumper diffuser to reduce aerodynamic drag and increase downforce.

Each of these body kit parts is created using advanced technology and quality materials to ensure a perfect fit and long life. Together, they give your Audi not only elegance, but also sporty style and functionality.

It is possible to install a single part or a complete set — all elements of the body kit are perfectly matched to each other. Among the many variations of dodgers you can choose the best one that reflects your needs.

Features of the Renegade Design body kit for Audi

  • Premium materials and innovative design — We use only the highest quality materials to create every part.
  • Engineered for improved aerodynamics — our dodger not only adds style to your Audi, but also enhances performance and performance.
  • Superior quality and easy installation — tuning kits are easy to install and last a long time.
  • Individuality and exclusivity — with Renegade Design bodykits, your Audi becomes perfect, reflecting individuality and style.

Audi bodykits for Audi are characterized by design perfection and quality. We pay attention to every detail to ensure outstanding appearance and functionality.

Renegade Design is a leader in the tuning industry due to design excellence and high quality manufacturing. Our range includes tuning kits for different Audi models, including modern and classic variants of the brands.

Advantages of ordering a tuning kit for Audi at Renegade Design 

  • Guarantee and reliability;
  • wide assortment;
  • perfect compatibility;
  • exclusive design.

Audi tuning kit from Renegade Design is the best choice for those who want to stand out and give their car a unique character. Ordering a tuning kit from Renegade Design gives you the opportunity to make your Audi truly unique and stylish, expressing your own individuality and improving the performance of the vehicle. 

The company Renegade Design is engaged in the development and production of tuning kits for Audi cars, which are designed to emphasize the individuality and sporty character of each model. 

Body components from our company are created specifically for your car. Each element of the dodger is developed taking into account the characteristic features of Audi, which allows you to create a unique appearance of the car. You can order a set of tuning dodger with installation from us — contact our specialists.

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