Fi Exhaust for BMW X6M F96

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Brand: BMW
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BMW F96 X6M Fi Exhaust (Frequency Intelligent Exhaust) high-performance valvetronic exhaust system is direct replacement bolt on system manufactured out of a high-grade T304 stainless steel that offers an exhilarating soundtrack.
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    T304 stainless steel
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    Fi Exhaust

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Fi Exhaust for BMW X6M F96

Elevate your BMW F96 X6M’s performance and auditory experience with Fi EXHAUST’s innovative valvetronic system. This groundbreaking technology allows you to govern airflow, tune sound levels, and optimize overall driving performance. After installing the complete catless system, which includes a state-of-the-art valvetronic catback and an ultra-high flow downpipe, you can expect a horsepower increase ranging from 5 to 10%.

Whether you desire a quiet cruise or a high-adrenaline drive, the Fi EXHAUST system caters to both. Closing the valves reroutes exhaust gases through the muffler for a subdued, comfortable ride. When opened, the valves unleash a sporty, exhilarating soundtrack that complements the power under the hood.

You can effortlessly toggle between subdued street tones and intense race sounds using your factory exhaust/sport button, or achieve even more nuanced control with the optional Fi EXHAUST Pro Remote Control System and mobile app.

Our exhaust systems are engineered for both OPF and Non-OPF vehicle configurations, available in separate components to offer customization tailored to your specific needs.

**Catback Exhaust Choices:**

— **Non-OPF Version:** Front Pipe + Mid Pipe + Valvetronic Muffler (EV Valve) + Quad Silver Tips + EV Extend Cable*2 (BN-96M-CBE + TIP70114S*4 + CAB-BTB*2)

— **EU6 I OPF Version:** The same set adapted for EU6 I OPF vehicles (BN-96MF-CBE + TIP70114S*4 + CAB-BTB*2)

— **EU6 II OPF Version:** Specially crafted for EU6 II OPF vehicles (BN-96MF2-CBE + TIP70114S*4 + CAB-BTB*2)

**Optional Downpipe Selections:**

1. Ultra High Flow DownPipe (Both EU6 I OPF / Non-OPF) (BN-90M-NCAT)
2. Gold Ceramic Coated Ultra High Flow DownPipe (BN-90M-NCATCRG)
3. Sport 200 cell DownPipe (Both EU6 I OPF / Non-OPF) (BN-90M-CAT200)
4. Secondary Cat Pipe (Non-OPF only) (BN-96M-2NDNCAT)
5. OPF Straight Downpipe (EU6 I OPF only) (BN-96M-NOPF)

**Optional Exhaust Tips:**

1. Titanium Blue Quad Tips (TIP70114TB*4)
2. Diamond Black Quad Tips (TIP70114B*4)
3. Extravagant Gold Quad Tips (TIP70114G*4)
4. Carbon Fiber Quad Tips (TIP70114C*4)

**Optional Remote System:**
— OBD2/Mobile APP Remote Control Module (R2020OBD + OBD-CAB-BNE)

Keep in mind that designs may evolve, and actual products can differ in appearance based on vehicle year and region. All images are for representational purposes.

Take your BMW F96 X6M from standard to standout with the Fi EXHAUST system. Experience driving as it was meant to be—powerful, customizable, and utterly thrilling.

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