Fi Exhaust for Audi RS6 C8 Avant

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Audi C8 RS6 Avant Fi Exhaust (Frequency Intelligent Exhaust) high-performance valvetronic exhaust system is direct replacement bolt on system manufactured out of a high-grade T304 stainless steel that offers an exhilarating soundtrack.
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    T304 stainless steel
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    Fi Exhaust

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Fi Exhaust for Audi RS6 C8 Avant

Transform your Audi C8 RS6 Avant into a symphony of roaring power with our Frequency Intelligent Exhaust (Fi EXHAUST) system, engineered for performance enthusiasts who demand more from their driving experience. Precision-manufactured from premium T304 stainless steel, this valvetronic exhaust system is a seamless bolt-on replacement that guarantees sonic brilliance and performance optimization.

At the heart of our Fi EXHAUST system is cutting-edge valvetronic technology, engineered to modulate airflow and sound intensity while significantly enhancing torque and performance. The result? An average horsepower boost of 5-10% when you install our complete catless package, comprising both a valvetronic catback and an ultra-high flow downpipe.

Indulge in a dual driving experience with our ingeniously designed muffler internals. When the valves are closed, the exhaust gases pass through the muffler, giving you a subdued, peaceful drive. Flip the valves open, and you unleash an aggressive, sporty audio signature that adds adrenaline to your drive.

Switching between a leisurely cruise and a thrilling racetrack experience is effortless—simply use the factory exhaust/sport button or drive mode. Alternatively, you can command your exhaust system through our optional Fi EXHAUST remote control and mobile app.

Each component of the Fi EXHAUST system is sold separately, allowing you to customize your setup based on your vehicle’s specific version, whether it’s an OPF or Non-OPF model.

Catback Exhaust Configuration:
— Mid X-Pipe + Valvetronic Muffler (EV Valve) + Dual Silver Tips (Fully compatible with OEM electric Valve – No remote control included) (AD-RS6C8-CBE + TIP-RS6C8-S)

Optional Downpipes:
1. Ultra High Flow DownPipe (AD-RS6C8-NCAT)
2. Sport 200 Cell DownPipe (AD-RS6C8-CAT200)

Optional Tip Selection:
— Dual Tips in Matte Black (TIP-RS6C8-MB)

Please note that the actual appearance of the product may vary based on the year and location of your vehicle. As we constantly strive for improvement, design changes may occur over time. All product images are for illustrative purposes only.

Elevate your Audi C8 RS6 Avant’s driving experience with a soundtrack and performance that’s uniquely yours. Choose Fi EXHAUST.

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