Roof spoiler for Audi RS6

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Brand: Audi
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Roof spoiler for Audi RS6 – Style and Functionality in one

The roof spoiler for an Audi car belongs to the group of aerodynamic body kits compensating for the opposition to airflow. Because of these technical characteristics, a spoiler of this type is also called a wing. Audi roof spoilers are installed on hatchbacks, SUVs, and other vehicles. Spoilers have been developed even for trucks. Considering the design features and dimensions, you need to choose and buy the right roof spoiler for the car.

Spoiler features by Renegade Design

The spoiler has an aesthetic function. If you want to give the car a sportier look or smooth out the geometry of the corners, then the roof spoiler is just suitable for implementing these ideas. The spoiler's operation principle is based on creating a pressure difference in air flows. At high speeds, turbulence of air masses appear under the machine, which reduces the retention of the roadway with the manifestation of drifts.

Why choose a roof spoiler from Renegade Design

There are a lot of reasons to buy a spoiler for a car from Renegade Design:

●       Several payment options.

●       You get a good price list.

●       Top-notch service and user-friendly website.

The roof spoiler is only a part of the components. Also on sale are linings, spoilers, rear bumpers, skirts for them, and much more. All products are divided into categories. You can pick up all the necessary tuning elements for the desired car model or the intended purpose. Virtual showcases contain modern and high-quality components for modern car brands.

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Roof spoiler for Audi RS6

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