Carbon rear mid spoiler for Audi RS6

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Brand: Audi
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Carbon rear mid spoiler for Audi RS6 – Making your car shine on a road

The spoiler for Audi RS6 is a body element installed at the car's rear (on the trunk lid or roof). The spoiler has no gap with the body. As the name suggests, the carbon spoiler for Audi RS6 interferes with the airflow, changing the fast, smooth flow from the roof. Renegade Design offers an improved rear spoiler for Audi RS6 to decorate your car and make it more visible and bright on the road.

Key features of carbon rear spoiler for Audi RS6

The spoiler is mounted on the trunk lid and works by increasing the air pressure above the back window. Without such an accessory, the downforce of the car will be reduced. The vehicle will be raised. In addition, the spoiler for Audi RS6 will help increase drag and reduce pressure under the car. The lower the spoiler, the higher the drag.

Choosing spoiler for Audi RS6

You can choose different spoiler for Audi RS6:

●       More decorative;

●       Spoilers with pronounced aerodynamic qualities;

●       Mud-proof spoilers protect the rear window from the air with dirt.

Carbon spoilers are light, reliable, and expensive materials. The hardening of its resins is achieved only in a pressure chamber at high temperature and high pressure.

The best solution is topurchase a spoiler for Audi RS6 from Renegade Design. Here you will receive aguarantee, fast delivery, the best prices on the market, and a flexible systemof discounts and bonuses for regular customers. With Renegade Design, it's easyto make your car brighter!
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Carbon rear mid spoiler for Audi RS6

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