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All over the world, crossovers of the prestigious German automobile manufacturer “Audi” inspire fascination and respect on the roads. Introduced in 2006, the new luxurious Audi Q7 model was not an exception. This vehicle is distinguished from other SUV crossovers by its original and expressive style. The updated model of the II generation is upgraded with a unique steering system and Quattro four-wheel drive system.
The SUV has a solid and powerful appearance, created by clear edges and precise lines. The spectacular radiator grille and matrix LED headlamps only emphasize the athletic design of the model. Despite the presence of original stylistic elements in the basic configuration, the Audi Q7 tuning is extremely popular among crossover owners.

Create a unique design with Renegade body kits

The functions of body kits are not limited only to increasing aerodynamics and protecting individual elements of the car. Tuning distinguishes your car among other similar vehicles. Car accessories give you an opportunity to emphasize the aggressive-sporty look of the crossover, or vice versa make it more discreet and elegant.
Audi Q7 tuning kits include:

• Front bumper insert;
• A rear bumper diffuser;
• A hood;
• An upper spoiler.
We offer both installation of complete kits, or separate details.
The Audi Q7 aerodynamic body kits deserve special attention. The design of a tuned car is sporty, dynamic and very smart.

Renegade quality

“Renegade” offers tuning parts and body kits for the Audi Q7 model. Our own manufacture enabled us to achieve an excellent combination of the price and quality. We use high-quality fiberglass for our manufacture. This material is lightweight, and has enhanced impact resistance. The body kits presented in the catalog of the company are made individually for the Audi car.

“Renegade” is an opportunity to buy exclusive decorative elements for your car at an affordable price. We offer professional installation in any region of Russia and worldwide delivery. All products have a 5-year warranty.

All products are certified

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Order tuning Audi Q7 Anubis

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