Complete body kit elements and their purpose

обвес Mercedes-Benz W223

Every part of the body kit has style and aesthetics, as well as functionality that changes the perception and mood of driving. A complete body kit consists of different elements, their proper combination gives your car personality and protects it from damage. 

Renegade Design specializes in creating high quality tuning body kits for premium cars. Our products are characterized by unique style, functionality, and superior quality. We offer a wide range of body kits made from advanced materials.

Main types of body kits

Body kits for cars are special sets of additional elements installed on the body to change the appearance and improve the functional characteristics of the car. 

Aerodynamic body kit

  • Aerodynamic body kit for cars is a set of additional elements designed to optimize the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle;
  • The purpose of its use is to reduce air resistance, improve stability on the road and improve fuel efficiency. 

The aerodynamic body kit not only gives the car a stylish appearance, but also improves its performance and efficiency on the road, making travel more comfortable and economical.

Tuning body kit

обвес BMW XM

  • This body kit is designed to create a luxurious and sophisticated appearance of the car;
  • the kit is designed with modern trends in automobile design in mind.

In addition to the visual effect, each part is designed with aerodynamic principles in mind, which affects the overall performance and handling of the vehicle.

Protective body kit

Protective body kit is a carefully designed set of parts that provide not only a stylish appearance of your car, but also additional functionality in the form of protection from various impacts. 

This tuning option is not only a guarantee of safety of your car, but also an opportunity to emphasize its individuality, combining style and practicality. Installing a protective body kit will be a reliable step in the direction of keeping the appearance of the car in excellent condition throughout the life of the car.

Sporty body kit

Sport body kits give the car a dynamic and aggressive appearance. They include spoilers, splitters, sills, and aerodynamic parts that help reduce air drag and increase stability on the road.

Clearly defined lines, emotional shapes and stylish details will emphasize its sporty character.

Elements of a complete body kit and their purpose

обвес Audi RS6 C8

Body kit parts are diverse and are designed to create a harmonious and stylish image of the car. Installation of a set of tuning elements provides effective protection and improvement of aerodynamic characteristics of the car.


Overlays are tuning elements, which are applied over certain parts of the car to change its appearance and give an original style. Overlays perform both aesthetic and functional role, complementing the design and providing additional protection for certain components.

These parts provide car owners with a wide range of options for customizing the appearance of the car and also serve as additional protection from damage. Selecting and installing decals is an effective way to change the look of a vehicle with minimal labor.

Purpose of overlays:

  • Bumper covers — give an aggressive and stylish look to the front and rear of the vehicle by protecting the bumpers from minor damage.
  • Mirror covers — provide an aesthetic improvement in the appearance of side mirrors, creating a unique style.
  • Air intake grille covers — used to decorate the air intake grilles and add style elements to the front of the car.
  • Fender covers — used to decorate the sides of the car to create a more massive look.
  • Door handle covers — create decoration and protect the door handles from scratches, providing ease of opening and closing the doors.
  • Trunk trim — complements the decor of the rear of the car.
  • Door sill plates — protect the sills from scratches and scuffs, providing aesthetic improvement of appearance.
  • Hood covers — provide decorative decoration of the upper part of the car, giving individuality to the design.


Important body kit elements designed to enhance the vehicle’s style, create a brutal look, and protect it from external factors. These components perform not only an aesthetic role, but can also provide practical advantages — the ability to attach additional equipment.

«Skirts» on the bumpers

бампер BMW 7 G70

Stylish and functional parts of tuning, designed to improve the appearance of the car and its aerodynamic characteristics. They are installed on the lower part of the front and rear bumpers, adding additional elements to the design.

What they are used for:

  • give the vehicle a lower and more compact appearance, which is especially relevant for sporty-type vehicles.
  • design elements can be focused on improving aerodynamic performance, reducing air resistance and increasing the stability of the car on the road.
  • can serve as protection against mechanical damage, such as scratches and bumps that can occur when parking or driving on uneven terrain.

«Headlamp grilles

Elegant and stylish tuning elements, installed on the front headlights, add individuality to the appearance of the car, making it more expressive and attractive.

How and why they are installed: 

  • they are designed primarily for aesthetics and decorative design of front headlights.
  • The eyelashes emphasize the shape of the headlights, adding sophistication and elegance to the appearance.
  • These parts can usually be easily fitted to the headlamps without the need for sophisticated tools.


Spoilers are functional and stylish tuning components that are installed on the car to change the aerodynamic characteristics and give it a more dynamic look.

Why you need to install spoilers:

  • they are designed to control the flow of air around the car, which helps improve aerodynamic performance and reduce lift.
  • At high speeds, spoilers can increase the car’s wind resistance.
  • Spoilers also serve a decorative purpose, giving the car a sporty and aggressive look.


диффузор Jeep Grand Cherokee

Diffusers are designed to improve the aerodynamics and style of the rear of the car. They help control airflow at the rear of the car, reducing blow-by and creating additional aerodynamic pressure.

Other parts

Other parts in tuning body kits provide not only aesthetically pleasing changes to a car’s exterior, but also functional safety, comfort and aerodynamic benefits.

  • Radiator grilles — designed to protect the radiator from mechanical damage and improve aerodynamics by regulating air flow.
  • Deflectors — create a barrier to wind, reducing swirls and interior noise for a comfortable driving experience.
  • Anti-wings — prevent the front of the vehicle from lifting up at high speeds, increasing stability.
  • Replacement side mirrors — can have more modern design and functional features such as integrated turn signal repeaters.
  • Windshields — direct airflow around the windows, preventing rain or snow from entering the cabin when the windows are open.
  • Sill fairings — improve aerodynamics and aesthetics, and can also serve as sill guards to protect the sills from rocks and dirt.
  • Window deflectors — help prevent window fogging and protect from direct sunlight.
  • Door protection strips — protect the sills from scratches and bumps, giving the car a stylish look.
  • Headlight arches — prevents small stones and dirt from getting on the headlights, protecting them from damage.
  • Trunk fairings — help control airflow, reducing blow-by and increasing stability at high speeds.
  • Side deflectors — prevent fogging, provide fresh air and reduce wind noise.
  • Window deflectors — fitted to the top of the windows, allowing you to ventilate the interior even in rainy weather.

Why buy a complete body kit rather than individual components?


The kit is designed so that all its elements harmonize with each other, creating a unified and stylish look of the car. If you buy individual components, the risk of breaking the unified design is significantly higher.

Choosing a complete kit avoids the need to select individual parts. This reduces the time spent on searching for and matching body kit elements, as well as reduces the likelihood of selection errors.

Each element of the kit is carefully designed for optimum aerodynamic performance. Using a complete kit provides a coordinated effect on airflow, which can improve vehicle handling and efficiency.

What auto body kit trends are hot right now

There are several current trends that are relevant today:

  • High strength materials
  • Minimalism and elegance
  • Personalization 
  • Technological additions
  • Eco-friendliness

The use of lightweight and durable materials such as carbon fiber and basalt is becoming increasingly popular. This not only improves the strength and durability of the body kit, but also reduces the weight of the vehicle, which can have a positive impact on its performance.

Users are paying attention to minimalism in design, creating body kits that are elegant and stylish. Clean lines, smooth surfaces and balanced shapes give the car a modern and sophisticated look.

There is a growing interest in customizing the appearance of a car. Car owners often choose body kits that can be customized by adding unique elements, color accents, or even personal graphics.

Integrating technological elements such as LED strips, sensors, and even electronic components is becoming an increasingly popular solution.

In addition, there is a growing interest in using environmentally friendly materials in the production of body kits. This reflects the general trend in the automotive industry to reduce environmental impact.

The benefits of installing a complete body kit from the manufacturer Renegade Design

обвес Mercedes-Benz GLE V167

Renegade Design creates not just tuning parts, but true works of art that give your vehicle a personalized and outstanding appearance. We constantly strive to innovate, offering customers unique solutions that make their cars truly unique. With Renegade Design, your vehicle will be the epitome of style and modern tuning.

Installing a complete body kit from the manufacturer Renegade Design has a number of undeniable benefits:

  • Each body kit is designed with modern design trends in mind.
  • We use only the highest quality materials, providing not only an aesthetic advantage, but also durability and longevity of the body kit.
  • The body kit is designed as a complete and coordinated whole, which ensures perfect compatibility of all its elements with each other, creating a harmonious look of the car.

We provide a warranty on our body kits, which confirms our high standard of production and confidence in the quality of our products. Installing a complete body kit from Renegade Design makes your car stand out from the crowd, giving it individuality and exclusivity. It’s not just about styling your vehicle, but an investment in its appearance, performance and durability.

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