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Enhance your driving experience with an exclusive Renegade Design body kit for the BMW X5 G05 LCI in a choice of two versions. Made from the finest materials and featuring the highest quality, our kits are the epitome of luxury.
The parts are available in visible carbon fiber or painted. Worldwide installation in one working day.

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Body kit for BMW X5 G05 LCI includes:

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Basic Set

Front bumper lip
Rear bumper diffuser
Side skirts


Roof spoiler
Rear spoiler
Grille trim
Mirror covers
Front fender inserts
Front bumper inserts
Front air intake inserts


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Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Gloss black kit for Radiant Crest Motorsport

Czech Republic, Olomouc

Carbon kit for mr. Blake

Poland, Lusówko

Gloss black kit for Clarence

Florence, United States

Gloss black kit for Anand

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Step into a new era of luxury and personalization with the sophisticated and exclusive body kit tailored specifically for the BMW X5 G05 LCI.

As a proud owner of a BMW X5, you understand the importance of maintaining elegance and style, which is precisely what Renegade Design offers with our top-notch kits. Our distinctive offerings provide a seamless blend of quality and exclusivity, elevating the aesthetic value of your X5 LCI to unparalleled heights.

In choosing our meticulously crafted body kit, you are choosing to envelop your BMW X5 in the finest materials available in the industry, transforming it into a beacon of individuality and luxury on the roads. Every curve and edge is designed to enhance the powerful stance and dynamic lines of your X5 2024, turning heads wherever you go.

But the exclusivity doesn’t just reside in the design. We believe in providing a comprehensive service to our international clientele, offering worldwide shipping and installation that meets the highest standards of quality and convenience. We ensure that every BMW X5 G05 facelift body kit reaches its destination in perfect condition, ready to redefine what exclusivity means.

Furthermore, we take pride in standing by the quality of our products with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. This testament to quality gives you peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected, allowing you to enjoy the unique and exclusive experience that comes with every Renegade Design body kit.

Indulge in a realm of luxury and distinction. Let Renegade Design redefine your BMW X5, creating a visual masterpiece that resonates with exclusivity and class. Embrace the future, embrace the unique, with the new Renegade Design body kit for the BMW X5 G05 LCI, the epitome of style and sophistication for the X5 2024 model year.

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