Carbon roof spoiler for Mercedes-Benz GLE V167

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Brand: Mercedes-Benz
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Visible carbon
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The bodykit parts are stylish accessories used to emphasize a vehicle’s individuality, to add some detail to the image, but also improve the aerodynamics. The combination of beauty and practicality makes auto tuning rather popular. Even luxury cars wouldn’t say no to a makeover. Renegade Design  proudly presents the lip spoiler for Mercedes-Benz GLE V167. Due to this SUV’s low-key design, there are some limitations to the way the cover may look.  And there you have it: classic lines, sophisticated edges, subtle polish of the compounded polymer. It can be painted to match the body. This spoiler redirects the air streams that go downward, which helps protect the window from mud.
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    Carbon/Forged carbon
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    Renegade Design

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Carbon roof spoiler for Mercedes-Benz GLE V167

Elevate Your Mercedes-Benz GLE V167 SUV with a Carbon Roof Spoiler

Enhance the aerodynamics and allure of your Mercedes-Benz GLE V167 SUV with our premium carbon roof spoiler. This tuning accessory is not just a means of personalizing your vehicle; it’s a pivotal element designed to improve its performance and unlock its full potential. A car equipped with our spoiler adopts a dynamic, sporty appearance, emphasizing its aggressive nature.

**Purpose of the Carbon Roof Spoiler for Mercedes-Benz:**

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are engineered to near perfection, but our tuning spoilers take them a step further by maximizing their potential. The benefits of this body accessory include:

— Improved aerodynamics by reducing air turbulence and resistance;
— Increased downforce through the optimization of air flow;
— Enhanced cooling for the engine and other critical components;
— A distinctive exterior makeover that accentuates aggression and sportiness.

The functionality of this accessory also varies by model. For instance, the spoiler for the GLE SUV contributes to a more pronounced sporty design and helps in deflecting dirt from the vehicle’s rounded contours. In contrast, a similar spoiler on a Mercedes W205 enhances the model’s elegance and contributes to road grip at high speeds.

**Choosing Your Body Accessory:**

You have the option to install the spoiler on the trunk lid, roof, or front bumper of your Mercedes, or even combine multiple options for a comprehensive upgrade.

A front spoiler keeps the vehicle grounded and improves engine cooling, enhancing overall aerodynamics. A roof-mounted accessory further optimizes these aerodynamic properties, while a rear component offers all these advantages plus keeps the trunk area cleaner by deflecting dirt.

When it comes to materials, you can choose between carbon and basalt. Both match the sophistication and standards of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles, offering lightweight and durable solutions. However, carbon is more sport-oriented, while basalt is known for its practicality, resilience, and elegance.

**Delivery and Installation:**

Order your Mercedes-Benz carbon roof spoiler from Renegade Design, and we’ll deliver it to a convenient dealership or tuning workshop for professional installation, ensuring top-quality results with a guarantee. Alternatively, installation services are available at our tuning studio.

**Why Choose Renegade Design?**

Select certified accessories and body kits from us to avoid any issues with vehicle registration and insurance. With your order, you receive:

— A five-year warranty on products;
— Original, designer-made items;
— High-quality carbon and basalt components.

Pair your Mercedes-Benz carbon roof spoiler with a complete body kit to fully unleash your vehicle’s potential, granting it an exquisite, revolutionary design.

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