Wide body elements for Toyota Tundra 2013+

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Brand: Toyota
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Toyota Tundra has all the features of a real man's car: big, powerful, passable. But sometimes you want to make it even more aggressive and massive. For this purpose, Renegade Design has developed body extensions for the 3rd generation Toyota Tundra. They are bumpers and door trims. After installing the extensions, Tundra becomes wider and gains in brutality. The linings are made of composite materials, which are distinguished by their durability, good strength and resistance to all aggressive environmental conditions.
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    Renegade Design

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Wide body elements for Toyota Tundra 2013+

Elevate Your Toyota Tundra with Wide Body Extensions

Transform your Toyota Tundra into a more formidable presence on and off the road with our wide body extensions. Designed to complement the rugged and powerful essence of the Tundra, these high-quality accessories provide the perfect blend of aggressive styling and functional aerodynamic enhancements. Adding these wide body extensions not only amplifies the visual appeal of your Toyota Tundra but also enhances its stability and handling, making them an essential upgrade for Tundra owners who value both performance and aesthetics.

**Principal Advantages of Wide Body Extensions for Toyota Tundra:**

Our wide body extensions are meticulously engineered to match the robust and adventurous character of the Toyota Tundra, offering several significant benefits:

— **Aerodynamic Improvement:** Increases the vehicle’s width, optimizing airflow and reducing drag for improved stability and efficiency, especially at higher speeds.
— **Enhanced Downforce:** Broadens the vehicle’s stance, improving traction and handling for a more dynamic and confident driving experience.
— **Optimized Cooling:** Ensures better airflow around critical components, supporting peak performance in various driving conditions.
— **Visual Impact:** Strengthens the Toyota Tundra’s commanding appearance, adding an extra layer of rugged sophistication and sportiness to its overall design.

Tailored specifically for the Toyota Tundra, these wide body extensions integrate seamlessly with the vehicle’s design, emphasizing its off-road and performance capabilities while providing significant aerodynamic and aesthetic enhancements.

**Precision Engineering and Rugged Style:**

These wide body extensions are standout components in our curated selection of enhancements for the Toyota Tundra, showcasing the ideal integration of design and functionality. They ensure your truck not only captures attention for its impressive looks but also for its superior driving dynamics.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these extensions add a bold, performance-inspired edge to your Toyota Tundra, ensuring it makes a statement in any environment, from urban streets to rugged trails.

**Effortless Installation and Delivery:**

Renegade Design is committed to offering a streamlined enhancement experience. The wide body extensions for the Toyota Tundra are directly delivered to your preferred dealership or professional tuning center, where experienced technicians will ensure a flawless installation. This service is backed by a warranty, providing you with complete confidence in your upgrade. For those seeking a custom approach, our specialized tuning studio offers bespoke installation services, performed by our team of skilled professionals.

**Why Opt for Renegade Design for Your Toyota Tundra:**

Choosing Renegade Design for your Toyota Tundra customizations comes with numerous advantages:

— **Comprehensive Five-Year Warranty:** Reflects our dedication to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.
— **Exclusive, Designer Accessories:** Enhance the distinctive ruggedness and appeal of your Toyota Tundra.
— **Superior-Quality Materials:** Ensure your enhancements are not only visually impressive but also durable and built to last.

Revamp your Toyota Tundra with our wide body extensions, and explore our extensive range of body kits to fully leverage your vehicle’s potential. With Renegade Design, you achieve the ultimate combination of off-road capability, style, and performance, making your Toyota Tundra a true powerhouse of automotive design.

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