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Mercedes-Benz GLS completed with tuning body kit made by “Renegade-Design”. Crafted with innovative solutions of our designers and engineers, this incredibly stylish SUV fascinates with its appearance.


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Mercedes-Benz GLS with restyling by Renegade Design


The Mercedes-Benz GLS is an updated version of the famous Mercedes-Benz GL model, which the Germans introduced to the world in 2015. The last letter “S” in its name shows that this model belongs to the elite category of the S-class. Manufacturers have considerably changed the external and internal design of the car. The model has become longer thanks to the new bumpers. The front grille and lighting have also changed.
Besides, the model is equipped with a huge screen and a sensor panel. In addition, the engine performance has also been improved. The basic package provides a really presentable look. However, you can always upgrade the performance of an SUV using body kits for Mercedes-Benz – GLS.

Tuning kits for the Mercedes GLS-class

Any driver can stand out from the crowd using unique tuning. Body kits emphasize the individuality and charisma of the vehicle. Do you want to draw attention to your sophisticated style? Contact “Renegade-Design”, our experts’ professionalism allows the company to provide clients with high-quality and reliable products. Mercedes-Benz – GLS tuning kits consist of the following elements:
• front wing inserts;
• front bumper lip with canards;
• a hood;
• an upper and lower spoiler;
• a stop light;
• a rear bumper diffuser;
• exhaust tips.

All parts are durable and workmanship, as well as corrosion-resistant. You can also insure the tuning kits bought in our company as this will protect you in case of an accident (compensation for the damage). We also provide a five-year warranty. All elements of the body kits are made strictly according to the parameters of the car, and there is no need in additional adjustment. Properly installed Mercedes-Benz – GLS aerodynamic body kits reduce air resistance and improve the exterior of the car. The diffusers give the model a predatory appearance, and the spoiler demonstrates great power and stunning speed while driving.

It should be mentioned that high-quality tuning is a comprehensive reconstruction of the car for each driver. We advise entrusting the redesigning of the SUV to real specialists in order to avoid unpleasant situations. After the upgrade, you will take a fresh look at your own car and evaluate its capabilities. Our experts will provide professional advice on the installation and maintenance of Mercedes-Benz – GLS tuning.

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