BMW X5 F15/F85

The BMW X5 with a tuning body kit made by “Renegade-Design” is not just a majestic appearance - it's a mirror of your inner world. A strong nature is recognized with a glance. The BMW X5 Renegade catches your eyes once and for all.


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Full look of your vehicle with RENEGADE body kit

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BMW X5 F15 white edition by Renegade Design
BMW X5 f15 black edition by Renegade design
BMW X5M F85 в который вложили более 2 млн рублей
BMW X5M by Renegade design limited edition 1 / 100


For most BMW owners, the word “tuning” is not a mere word but an opportunity to transform the “iron friend” at a favorable price by making it more graceful and aggressive. The vehicles of the German company “Bayerische Motoren Werke” are among the most popular on the market. There is no difference whether it is a model of the first, fifth or X-series, as BMW cars always hold a leading position in their class. After competent tuning, these “Bavarian horses” acquire a more powerful and unique appearance, so no car enthusiast can remain indifferent.

BMW tuning

BMW tuning is a car upgrade with the following accessories:
• BMW X5 aerodynamic body kits - external tuning, which allows you to make your car more stylish and catchy. In addition to the decorative function, BMW body kits enhance aerodynamic properties of the vehicle and improve its steerability.
• A spoiler is a tuning element that adds a sporting aggressiveness to the external appearance of the BMW, enhances in-traffic downforce and stability while driving at high speeds.
• A hood, a front and rear bumper for the BMW with a unique Renegade design will completely change the car appearance.
• A splitter is a flat “divider”, reducing aerodynamic drag while driving. It is mounted on the bottom of the bumper. In the online store of our company, you can buy a splitter for the rear and front bumper.
• Fender flares allow for the installation of tires and rims of large sizes, increase mobility, provide protection of the body from mud and external mechanical damages, improve the overall appearance.
• Daytime running lights  - their main function is to increase the visibility of your vehicle, so that other drivers can see you on the road.

Tuning kits by Renegade-Design

The Renegade-Design company offers unique aerodynamic BMW X5 tuning kits, which include the above accessories. Thanks to these sets, your car will favorably stand out of other urban transport. Also, you can choose any tuning-element from the catalogue and order its delivery by any suitable transport company. It is possible to install the Renegade tuning in any region of Russia.

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