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Exclusive carbon fiber body kit for BMW X6 G

Exclusive carbon fiber body kit for BMW X6 G06 from Renegade Design.

Dear Friends, we have come up with a unique body kit for BMW X6 and implemented it with our partner, the official dealer of BMW "Elite-Auto" in the city of Krasnoyarsk.
Luxury carbon fiber body kit for BMW X6 G06, it is not only a unique style and transformation of your car, but also an irresistible appearance! In order to satisfy the true fans of the brand, we have prepared several variations of a body kit and, through a survey, chose the most successful option.
Among the very first to receive our full carbon kit was an official BMW dealer in the city of Krasnoyarsk.

Just look at how luxurious all the elements of our body kit looks on this car, there is no doubt that they seem to be created for each other. The combination of the carbon body kit on BMW and the body color exceeded all our expectations. When we first looked at this car in the color "Ametrin Metallic", we did not experience any violent emotions, an ordinary burgundy car, we thought. But it was as if we were speechless when we saw the final result and it was nice to realize that we had done something unique, exclusive and stunning! Therefore, we are happy to inform you that our carbon body kit is available to order! Hurry up to give gloss and uniqueness to your car, because each series of our body kits is limited, which means it is unique!

The kit includes: front bumper lip, rear bumper diffuser, rear bumper inserts, mirror covers, sills, front fender inserts, front bumper inserts, radiator grille, rear window inserts, upper spoiler, hood, lower spoiler.

Also, all items are sold separately

Please yourself and others, because emotions are the fuel of life!

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Your order is being processed now

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