Diffuser for BMW X5M F95

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Brand: BMW
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Glossy black
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The muscular body of the BMW X5M F95 is perfectly complemented by a diffuser from Renegade Design. This exterior detail fits perfectly into the X5M philosophy, making the car even more aggressive. The diffuser can be made both for painting and in different versions of carbon - classic and forged. Made of quality materials, the diffuser for the BMW X5M F95 is highly durable.
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    X5M F95
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    Renegade Design

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Diffuser for BMW X5M F95

Unique Improvement In The Appearance Of The Car — Diffuser For BMW

External autotuning is a simple way for vehicle owners to express themselves and highlight the transport against the background. Regardless of which type of autotuning a car owner will decide to buy, it is essential that the selected elements harmoniously combine with the car’s appearance and improve its characteristics. You can make stylish and inexpensive modifications with a unique diffuser. With the help of the rear diffuser BMW you can upgrade your car, change its style, power and dynamism.

Diffuser Specialties

The diffuser is an element of a car body kit, which converts the energy that the incident airflow has, in the increased pressure, thus ensuring the ample clearance of a wedge-shaped under the road from behind. As a result of the airflow interaction within the expanding channel formed by the diffuser and the road surface, a vacuum occurs under a car bottom, which presses the car to the road. You can find the diffuser at the bottom of the rear.

How To Choose A Suitable Model

The diffuser BMW X5 F15 is selected based on the needs and goals of the owner of the car. If you need to accelerate overclocking, it requires a detail for the rear bumper and stability on the front of the vehicle. In any case, every type of linings is significantly enhanced by the clamping force, improving the machine’s handling and stability. It is also essential to opt for the diffusers under a definite brand and model of the car.


The diffuser consists of several structural elements. Longitudinal ribs are forming air channels that split the flow and increase its speed. Also, they limit the airflow from the sides. Sometimes such ribs can also direct air to discs and brake pads.

Modern diffuser BMW is made from high-strength and light carbon fiber. Regardless of the design, the diffuser contains emptiness that increases in volume throughout its length — for ease of construction.

Why Choose Us

To get a high-quality product when you decide to buy diffuser BMW, it is better to turn to established professionals — masters of Renegade Design. Tuning studio offers many appealing models of diffusers that will be able to draw attention to your BMW. Moreover, choosing Renegade Design, you will receive:

  • Five years warranty on products.
  • Delivery worldwide or country carriers or airmail.
  • Certified products.

The BMW X5 diffuser is an integral part of the car, and its tuning will make an iron horse more powerful. No one can take a glance from BMW with a diffuser from Renegade Design — it is confirmed.

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