Front bumper for Toyota Land Cruiser 300

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Brand: Toyota
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Renegade Design's ABS plastic front bumper is a versatile upgrade for any modification of the Land Cruiser 300. Durable, sleek, and aerodynamically efficient, it installs with OEM points and seamlessly accommodates stock fog lights. A simple way to redefine your Land Cruiser's road presence.
  • Brand
  • Model
    Land Cruiser
  • Generation
  • Material
    ABS plastic
  • Packing Size
    215*90*90 cm
  • Manufacturer
    Renegade Design

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Front bumper for Toyota Land Cruiser 300

Experience an unprecedented transformation of your Toyota with the Renegade Design ABS plastic front bumper, a groundbreaking component designed to redefine your Toyota Land Cruiser’s aesthetic and functionality.

This front bumper not only displays outstanding robustness, but its sleek, aerodynamic design also infuses new life into any variant of the Toyota Land Cruiser 300. An indispensable accessory, it offers a unique blend of durability and style that significantly elevates your LC300’s presence on the road.

Compatible with a diverse range of modifications, whether it be off-road, luxury, or any other, this bumper seamlessly integrates with any Land Cruiser 300 model.

With the Renegade Design ABS plastic front bumper, the celebrated Toyota LC300 ceases to be just another SUV on the road; it transforms into an epitome of power, elegance, and road dominance.

Leverage the high-quality ABS plastic of this front bumper to endure the harshest conditions and protect your Land Cruiser. Engineered to integrate effortlessly with OEM points, it simplifies installation and accommodates stock fog lights, ensuring uncompromised visibility for your Toyota LC300. Whether it’s navigating through a misty morning or an ominous foggy night, your Toyota Land Cruiser equipped with Renegade Design’s front bumper guarantees a safe and confident drive.

As a landmark addition to any Toyota Land Cruiser 300, the Renegade Design ABS plastic front bumper distinguishes your vehicle on the road. Crafted with exceptional durability and an aerodynamic design, this accessory is a standout choice for all LC300 owners, symbolizing power, elegance, and remarkable road presence.

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