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The posh full-size pickup truck Toyota Tundra is suitable not only in urban settings. Its loading platform allows its usage for goods transportation. And the high clearance and strong wheels improve this vehicles off-road performance. The exterior is simply brutal, but the clean lines native to Toyota remain. Renegade Design is presenting a tuning kit created for this vehicle. The body consists of:

You can also get new split rim or forged wheels. Our configuration tool helps you choose the necessary set and calculate the cost. Built in simulator will show your car’s appearance before and after tuning. Installment purchase is available.

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Body kit for Toyota Tundra includes:

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Basic Set

Front bumper with grille
Rear bumper with diffuser


Wide body extensions


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The New Generation Toyota Tundra — A More Aggressive Look Thanks To Renegade Design Tuning

Without any doubt, the Toyota Tundra pickup is massive, powerful, and has great characteristics. The only downside is a rather modest and ordinary design. But that’s easily fixed thanks to Renegade’s Design and a Tundra wide body kit.

With the body tuning kit, you can turn an ordinary car into an aggressive and domineering vehicle. Car becomes the king of the road!

A widebody Tundra tuning kit set consists of the following parts:

  • a distinctive front bumper with a new grill for optimized engine cooling process;
  • widened arches for better protection the body from damage when driving in extreme weather conditions;
  • a hood for optimized aerodynamics and improved engine cooling.


With Tundra body kit tuning, Toyota Tundra gets much more than just a cool appearance. While driving an optimized car, you can finally unleash the full potential of the mechanics. The new Toyota Tundra tuning kit adds more stability when driving at a high speed. The kit guarantees improved aerodynamics, comfortable driving, and more safety when driving on bumpy roads.

What To Note Before Choosing A Body Kit?

When tuning an off-roader vehicle like Toyota Tundra, it’s important to use high-quality materials. The truck is meant to do well on off-roads and bad roads, so only premium details made of high-quality materials can match Toyota Tundra.

The Toyota Tundra body kit that we offer meets these characteristics. We recommend installing our tuning kit since it is made of basalt. It’s a lightweight material that can withstand the rapid change of temperatures.

It is also less vulnerable to chemical and environmental damage. And naturally, a basalt Tundra tuning kit has a very impressive appearance. It is environmentally friendly, safe, and lasts for a rather long time. We also offer a five-year kit warranty.

Toyota Tundra looks even more expressive, exquisite, a lot more effective upon the completion of installing the Toyota Tundra widebody.

Installing Process

To get a Toyota Tundra wide body kit, all you need to do is to contact the nearest dealership or nearest partner of our company. We have partners all around the world so that anyone can get an amazing tuning kit for their Toyota Tundra.

When you make an order, you have to choose the nearest car service. The tuning body kit will be delivered to this address. When the kit is in your city, we will inform you. The next step is to drive a car to this car station.

The body kit will be installed within a short period by a professional. Upon tuning completion, you can enjoy riding your upgraded car!

Why Should You Choose Tuning Kits By Renegade Design?

We offer Toyota Tundra tuning kits that fully meet the recommendations of the car manufacturer, therefore, are safe and comfortable. A modified car can be easily registered since it’s safe to drive it.

We also guarantee the quality of the body kit thanks to strict control over the manufacturing process. Our body kits are:

  • trendy and unique;
  • safe;
  • made of the best materials;
  • reliable;
  • durable;
  • with a five-year warranty.


With our body kit, your Toyota Tundra acquires a more exclusive look. It’s nearly impossible to meet another owner with the same car upon completing the tuning process. Enjoy driving and dominating the road with our amazing and trendy body kits!

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