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Enhance Your Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe with our State-of-the-Art Body Kits

Experience the artistry of auto transformation with our expertly crafted tuning body kits for the iconic Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, brought to you by Renegade Design. Infused with our innovative design solutions, this stylish SUV commands admiration with its impeccable and captivating aesthetics.

The 4-wheel drive Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe, particularly the esteemed GLE 167 model, deserves nothing but unparalleled attention and admiration. A vehicle of unique design, the model is distinguished by its low body profile, an elegantly flattened windshield, and a sleek, lowered back line.

Our GLE Coupe body kit intensifies the vehicle's inherent sophistication and includes:

Elaborate front splitter
Refined diffuser
Aerodynamic spoilers
Cutting-edge air duct inserts
Performance-driven exhaust tips

Beyond that, the styling of your Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe can be further enhanced with our exclusive wheel options. Opt for upgraded 22-inch wheels, available as a split rim or forged wheel design. Make use of our user-friendly configuration tool with an integrated installation calculator to streamline your customization process. Furthermore, we offer the convenience of installment purchases, making luxury accessible.

With the installation of our front bumper lip, the ground clearance of the Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe changes from factory settings by -0.98 inches, further accentuating its sleek and aggressive stance on the road.

Welcome to a world where the best of Mercedes meets the finest in tuning – Renegade Design, where we redefine the beauty and performance of the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, one body kit at a time.

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Body kit for Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe C167 includes:

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Basic Set

Front bumper lip
Rear bumper diffuser
Exhaust tips
Side skirts


Front bumper inserts
Roof spoiler
Rear spoiler
Mirror covers


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Unleash the Flamboyance of your Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe with our Exceptional Tuning

The Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe distinguishes itself from the conventional Mercedes models with its unique design. The modern vehicle retains the advantages of the standard model, but the reclined windshield and smoother roof curve imbue the model with an increased dynamic and sporty essence. The rear of the GLE Coupe radiates an even broader and more potent presence. Our expert tuning services, however, can augment these features, rendering the vehicle more aerodynamically efficient and practically versatile.

Embrace a fresh aesthetic for your esteemed vehicle with our innovative body kits. Our tuning studio meticulously emphasizes the advantages of the coupe, underlining the visual power of the vehicle and its impulsive nature. The Mercedes GLE Coupe stands as a luminous and expressive symbol of the German automotive industry’s luxury echelon. Our brand-new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe 167 tuning offers the opportunity to transform your impressive crossover into an awe-inspiring spectacle. Powerful bumpers, flaming hood lines, a rugged appearance — all these features accentuate the prowess of this German SUV.

Distinctive Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe Modification Features

Our Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe tuning includes revamping bumpers, introducing a contemporary spoiler, exhaust tips, diffuser, sills, and air duct inserts. In addition, if desired, you can opt for upgraded rims for an even more formidable look.

The elements of the GLE Coupe body kit offer more than mere individualization of aesthetics; they provide:

  • Enhanced aerodynamics of the vehicle
  • Increased safety of the SUV
  • Improved handling and control for the driver

With Mercedes GLE Coupe 2020 tuning, you can inject an authentic sporty character and aggressive look into the vehicle. It empowers you with unshakeable confidence behind the wheel and pride in your uniquely stylized crossover.

High-Quality Mercedes GLE Coupe Body Kit Choices

Our luxury SUV body kits are crafted from premium materials — basalt and carbon. The former aligns with the body-color components, offering lightweight, durable, and resilient elements resistant to harsh environments and mechanical stress. The latter, commonly used in motorsport, offers a distinctive dark color and texture, with no need for additional coating, accentuating the vehicle’s look.

In selecting components for your GLE Coupe tuning, you can focus on renowned GLE Coupe body kit options. These kits are balanced in design and have been field-tested for excellence.

You can place an order for these or similar kits by Renegade Design. We offer certified options with international recognition. The components can be installed at a dealership of your convenience — we ensure prompt delivery of tuning GLE Coupe details to your chosen location.

You may opt for the entire set of body parts or order separately — the choice is yours. Each body element enhances not only the design but also the specific aerodynamic characteristics of your car. The most exceptional result can be achieved when installing our Mercedes GLE Coupe body kit, which has been meticulously crafted by our designers and engineers in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and standards.

Benefits of Renegade Design Mercedes Body Kits

Our involvement spans the full spectrum of body kit GLE Coupe production, from the initial concept to the delivery of the final product. We work exclusively with certified premium materials. Customize your vehicle with us and receive:

  • A distinct, unique GLE Coupe wide body kit
  • A five-year product warranty
  • Fast delivery in Russia and abroad

We offer only certified products that will not complicate vehicle registration or car insurance procedures post-installation. Modern tuning Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe 167 is an opportunity to accentuate the drive and aggressiveness of your stunning German SUV. Experience the extraordinary with Renegade Design.

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