Body kit for Lexus LX570 / 450d

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Lexus 570 2015- Warrior completed with body kit made by “Renegade Design” embodies all the best achievements of the legendary brand, combined with unique design solutions of our professional team.

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Body kit for Lexus LX570 / 450d includes:

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Body kits for Lexus LX 570 / 450D

Lexus LX 570 / 450D tuning is a combination of elegance, luxury and outstanding performance. One of the key elements that allow owners to make their vehicle stand out and give it a unique look are vehicle body kits. 

These stylish additions to the exterior of the Lexus LX 570 / 450D not only transform its exterior appearance, but also add individuality to each body element. Installing a body kit brings aesthetic and functional benefits, turning a standard Lexus model into a unique vehicle that reflects the style and taste of its owner.

Body kit for Lexus LX 570 / 450D

A body kit for a vehicle includes several key components designed to change the look and style of the vehicle. 

What is included in the body kit for Lexus LX 570 / 450D:

  • A front bumper with a unique design that gives the vehicle a new look and character.
  • The rear bumper can also be replaced with a more stylish and customized version that matches the overall body kit concept.
  • Side sills that can improve aerodynamic performance and visually change the silhouette of the vehicle.
  • Optional door skirts can add style and give a more dynamic look to the sides of the car.
  • A rear spoiler that not only improves aerodynamics but also adds a sporty accent to the rear of the car.
  • A grille and diffuser on the rear bumper, to change the visual perception of the body.

Elements of the tuning kit body kit perfectly match each other and harmonize with the overall design of the car. Changing the design of the grille will significantly affect the overall appearance of the front of the Lexus LX 570. The diffuser on the rear bumper adds aggressiveness and completeness to the rear of the car. The wheel arches add width and a sporty look to the vehicle.

The body kit is an exclusive external tuning of your Lexus LX 570. It is not just a set of additional elements, but an opportunity to embody your individuality and emphasize the unique features of your car. 

Tuning accessories provide Lexus owners with a wide range of opportunities to change the exterior appearance and give it a unique character. The kit can include various decorative elements such as air intakes, accents, and details that emphasize style. Body kits also include lighting elements such as LED strips or illumination.

Features of body kits for the Lexus LX 570 / 450D from the manufacturer Renegade Design

  • High quality materials 
  • Variety of configurations 
  • Easy installation 
  • Improved aerodynamics

Body kits for Lexus cars from the manufacturer Renegade Design are an outstanding tuning element that combines aesthetics, functionality and individual style.

Body kits are developed taking into account the characteristic features of the Lexus LX 570 / 450D brand, giving the cars a unique and expressive appearance. The materials used guarantee not only aesthetic perfection, but also durability of each element of the body kit. This also emphasizes the premium nature of tuning.

Body kits for Lexus LX 570 cars from Renegade Design are a harmonious combination of style, functionality and individuality, allowing owners to emphasize the premium features of their cars. Buyers are provided with a 5-year warranty on all design products, which demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of its products.

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