Wide body extensions for BMW X7 LCI

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Enhance your BMW X7 LCI with Renegade Design's Wide Body Extensions. These extensions not only give your vehicle a more commanding presence but also improve its aerodynamic profile. Perfect for the X7 2024 and other BMW X7 LCI models, these wide body extensions are essential for a more dynamic and aggressive BMW. Available globally, they add a sophisticated touch to your BMW X7.
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    X7 LCI
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    Renegade Design

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Wide body extensions for BMW X7 LCI

Elevate the aesthetics and performance of your BMW X7 LCI with Renegade Design’s Wide Body Extensions. These premium accessories are meticulously crafted to enhance both the visual appeal and aerodynamic efficiency of your BMW X7, ensuring it stands out as a benchmark of luxury and performance.

Premium Quality Construction

Crafted from the highest quality materials, the Wide Body Extensions for the BMW X7 LCI exemplify Renegade Design’s dedication to excellence. These extensions not only provide a striking visual enhancement but also contribute to improved aerodynamics, reducing drag and increasing stability.

Perfect Fit for BMW X7 LCI Models

Tailored specifically for the BMW X7 LCI, including the X7 2024 models, these extensions integrate seamlessly with the vehicle’s design. They accentuate the bold and dynamic lines of the X7, ensuring your BMW stands out with an aggressive and refined stance.

Global Availability for Ultimate Convenience

Renegade Design ensures that the Wide Body Extensions are available to BMW X7 LCI owners worldwide through our extensive dealer network. This global accessibility allows you to easily obtain and install these premium upgrades, enhancing the visual appeal and performance of your BMW X7 no matter where you are.

Enhanced Aerodynamics for Superior Performance

The Wide Body Extensions are engineered to optimize the aerodynamic efficiency of your BMW X7 LCI. By smoothing airflow around the vehicle, they reduce turbulence and drag, leading to improved handling and stability, particularly at higher speeds. This results in a more dynamic and engaging driving experience.

Experience the Pinnacle of Automotive Design with Renegade Design

Choosing the Wide Body Extensions from Renegade Design for your BMW X7 LCI signifies a commitment to unparalleled style, performance, and luxury. These exquisite accessories not only enhance the visual appeal of your BMW X7 but also its aerodynamic capabilities, redefining what it means to drive a high-performance luxury vehicle. Upgrade your BMW X7 LCI with Renegade Design and enjoy the ultimate blend of elegance and functionality.

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