Carbon roof spoiler for BMW X6M F96

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The carbon fiber roof spoiler for the MW X6M F96 completely repeats the original design, but due to the fact that it is made of natural carbon, it is much stronger, lighter and adds premium to this car. The spoiler can be made of either classic carbon or forged, and when combined with a lower carbon spoiler, it enhances the rear look of the MW X6M F96 significantly.
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    Carbon/Forged carbon
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    Renegade Design

Carbon roof spoiler for BMW X6M F96

Spoilers For BMW: The Best Tuning For An Expensive Car

To buy spoiler BMW and do some excellent tuning for a BMW is an excellent idea if you want to significantly improve the aerodynamic qualities of your car and make it look substantially more aggressive.

In most tuning cases, a spoiler BMW is used to fundamentally change the appearance of a car to give it a sporty and dynamic look. Nevertheless, installing the BMW 5 spoiler accurately and competently will give the car excellent handling, especially at high speeds, prevent skidding, and generally make cornering smoother. The ride is much safer with an adequately installed spoiler X5, and the car is more awe-inspiring.


For the car to be easily controlled and as stable as possible on the road, a load on the body is required, which is applied to the front or rear axle of the car. When a spoiler BMW X6 F16 is installed on a vehicle, it creates an additional pressing load due to airflow, and then it is much easier to brake. The high-quality spoilers cope with such a task with a bang.

How To Choose The Right One?

When purchasing new spoilers, carefully look at the material from which the spoiler BMW X6 E71 is made. The fact is that many spoilers are now made of plastic, and there are also better models made of carbon. The last ones cost a little more. The plastic spoiler is relatively short-lived and is susceptible to road chemicals and sunlight. Fiberglass is similar to it.

Another thing is a spoiler made of plexiglass or practical ABS plastic. But in any case, it’s better to make a choice, focusing on your financial capabilities. After all, all spoiler BMW X6 models are attractive and stylish and look great on the car.

Before making a choice, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with the BMW X5 spoiler model characteristics and, of course, with reviews. This information can be beneficial for you when buying, and the choice will be accurate.

Why Choose Renegade Design

By contacting Renegade Design to buy spoiler for BMW, the car owner will receive numerous advantages:

  • The company produces only certified products.
  • If you buy spoiler for X6 E71 or any other product, you get a five-year warranty.
  • It is possible to order a model anywhere in the world or across the country.

Furthermore, the car owner chooses Renegade Design for unique spoiler designs that will never be found on the road again. If you buy spoiler for X6 here, you are guaranteed to get the best deal and the highest quality product.

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