Front bumper splitter for Maserati Levante

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Brand: Maserati
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Glossy black
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The splitter for the Maserati Levante from Renegade is usually painted to match the body. Made of composite material with basalt fiber to improve properties - strength, heat resistance, durability. The shape is complex, and due to the small size, the ground clearance is almost not reduced, thereby not making it difficult to park near obstacles. The lip for the Maserati Levante extends beyond the bumper line, the façade is stepped. In the central part there are not three, as usual, but five jumpers. The side parts are lowered a little lower, and additional shields have appeared at the ends. this design fits perfectly into the overall appearance of the front of the car, as if merging with the embossed bumper.
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    Renegade Design

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Front bumper splitter for Maserati Levante

In car tuning, each element plays its own unique role. The quality and aesthetics of the parts determine the creation of style and character. Among the many tuning solutions for the Maserati Levante, the splitter presented by Renegade Design is particularly popular. 

This elaborate element not only adds aesthetics and sophistication to the car, but also plays an important role in aerodynamics and overall handling. Splitter for Maserati Levante by Renegade Design becomes an integral part of tuning and brings undeniable benefits to the owners of this magnificent car.

Characteristics of the splitter for Maserati Levante 

The splitter is designed with the utmost care, combining design elegance and functionality.

Among the key parameters of the bumper lip are: 

  • lightweight and durable basalt;
  • quality coloring;
  • aerodynamic shape.

The splitter is made of high quality composite material using basalt fiber. The composition provides strength, heat resistance and durability. The body kit element harmoniously complements the overall appearance of the car. Splitter. is a sophisticated and stylish tuning element designed with outstanding design and performance in mind.

The splitter is painted to match the body tone of the vehicle, allowing it to blend in with the overall design. The lip has a complex shape that extends beyond the bumper line, creating a unique appearance. The center part may have jumpers, and the sides are lowered slightly, which adds dynamism.

The tuning splitter is installed on the factory mounting points, making the installation process easier. Thanks to the design features, a slight reduction in ground clearance can be maintained without causing problems when parking or driving on uneven roads. 

The bumper lip for the Maserati Levante is characterized by a discreet and elegant appearance, while performing the important function of improving the aerodynamics of the car.

These characteristics make the splitter not only a stylish tuning element, but also an important component of personalization, allowing you to get more pleasure from driving.

Why install a splitter on the Maserati Levante? 

Installing a splitter on the Maserati Levante is done for aesthetic purposes as well as to improve performance. 

The reasons why Maserati Levante owners choose to install a splitter are:

  • Improving aerodynamics;
  • personalization;
  • performance enhancement.

Splitters are designed to control airflow around the front of the car. They help reduce front axle lift, improving aerodynamic performance and stability when traveling at high speeds.

Splitters can also act as a shield, preventing small rocks, grit and other small particles from entering the engine pan and other parts of the vehicle. This is especially true when driving on poorly paved roads.

Composite materials with the addition of basalt fiber, used in the production of splitters Renegade Design, provide not only strength, but also high temperature resistance. The body kit component is reliable in a variety of climates, including high temperatures and humidity.

Splitters from Renegade Design are not only functional, but also serve as a decorative element that gives the vehicle a more aggressive or sophisticated look. Through improved aerodynamics, the bumper lip can contribute to a vehicle’s performance by reducing air resistance and improving overall efficiency.

Installing a splitter is one way to add personality to your vehicle. You can choose the paint color of the splitter so that the body kit blends perfectly with the overall look of the car. Bumper lip, as an important tuning element, combines functionality and style. It is a popular choice of car owners who want to improve the appearance and performance of their car.

Advantages of ordering a splitter for Maserati Levante in Renegade Design

  • high quality materials;
  • fast delivery;
  • professional installation;
  • harmonious combination with other tuning elements.

Renegade Design develops tuning according to the following principle: quality, style and individuality. Splitters are designed for easy installation on the factory mounts, while maintaining the structural integrity of the car, and the bumper lip complements the design of the front end, without requiring complex modifications. 

Maserati Levante owners choosing splitters from Renegade Design have the ability to harmonize with other tuning elements such as spoilers, diffusers, and other parts. We create for you unique and stylish looks designed specifically for your car.

Each splitter is designed and manufactured with the individual features of the Maserati Levante in mind. The body kit is guaranteed to be strong, heat resistant and durable, even in extreme temperatures and high loads. By choosing a splitter from Renegade Design, you get not just a body kit accessory, but an expression of your style and quality that will please you for a long time.

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