Range Rover Sport 2013/19 Tornado

RANGE ROVER SPORT 2013-19 completed with body kit made by “Renegade-Design” embodies all the best achievements of the legendary brand, combined with unique design solutions of our professional team.


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Range Rover Sport 2018 with limited body kit by Renegade Design
Range Rover Sport body kit by Renegade design


Range Rover – a powerful four-wheel drive luxurious SUV is the creation of the British company Land Rover. The powerful and slightly aggressive appearance of the car attracts with its solidity and reliability. Even not equipped with tuning Range Rover draws attention on the road, so it is not surprising that almost every owner of this “monster” wishes to make his car even more original and unique. Range Rover tuning kits designed and created by a team of “Renegade-Design” professionals give an opportunity to radically transform the appearance of a British SUV.

Tuning kits for Range Rover 2013/19

Tuning kits include Range Rover aerodynamic body kits, which perform the following functions:
• provide an opportunity to radically change the appearance of the vehicle;
• improve handling and aerodynamic characteristics of the car;
• protect spare parts and external elements of the body of the car from mechanical damage and pollutants.

The concept of Range Rover body kits primarily includes such accessories as a spoiler installed on the rear trunk, a “front lip” – a stylish element of the front of the body, Side skirts – they help to transform the basic model into a real sports car: give sports aggressiveness and power.
Based on 3D modeling, “Renegade-Design” specialists have developed and implemented a tuning kit for Range Rover 2013-2019 cars, which includes the following elements:
• a radiator grille;
• lower diode lightning;
• a front bumper insert ;
• a rear bumper diffuser;
• a spoiler;
• wheel arch extensions;
• side skirts.

All elements of the kit are made of lightweight, heavy-duty materials that can not only modify the “appearance” of the car but also protect its individual elements from external mechanical damage. Besides, Renegade-Design Range Rover tuning can be insured. In case of damage during an accident, the insurance company will pay all the losses to the owner of the tuned vehicle. In our online store, in addition to a stylish tuning, you can choose and buy monoblock and 2pcs rims, exhaust tips. Our body kits will give you a chance to completely change the appearance of your car at a reasonable price, delivery, and installation worldwide.

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