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The updated Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 is beautiful in its own right: stylish, thoughtfully designed, vibrant. This car model impresses with its aesthetic exterior lines, bi-xenon headlights, and alloy wheels. To add individuality to the Jeep GC, the Renegade Design team offers exclusive tuning, which includes various body kit elements.

This body kit fits all Jeep GC WK2 modifications: Limited, Laredo, Trailhawk, SRT, Trackhawk, and others.

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Body kit for Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 includes:

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Basic Set

Front bumper
Front bumper lip
Rear bumper with diffuser
Exhaust tips


Wide body extensions
Side skirts
Roof spoiler
Rear spoiler


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Art of Tuning

Many drivers want to know what vehicle tuning is needed? You can buy a beautiful, powerful and original car and you don’t need to do anything. The owner and other drivers and pedestrians will like it. We want to emphasize that tuning is not just a way to stand out among the bulk of cars. It’s a way to express yourself through your vehicle.

Not all cars have a powerful engine and attractiveness, but tuning can fix this. There are no restrictions on the age or car model. Absolutely any car can be tuned. A beautiful car, with an original external and internal design and powerful engine, can tell a lot about its owner as a person, especially when it comes to stunning Jeep GC SRT. Vehicle mosifications do not have certain rules and restrictions. You create your dream car according to your wishes and imagination.

Car Tuning Types

There are various tuning types, depending on the vehicle system, which needs to be improved. The most common tuning types are:

  • engine;
  • transmission;
  • suspension;
  • chip-tuning;
  • exterior;
  • enterior.

Each tuning type has nuances. But it is worth remembering one thing — trust your car to professionals only!

Superior Jeep GC SRT Tuning

In most countries of the world, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is the trendsetters combining sporty and brutal styles for an SUV. However, Renegade Design improves the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT body kit, and develops tuning Jeep SRT body kits, including Jeep SRT widebody kits. We can do almost everything regarding Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. Be certain your Jeep GC SRT perfprms best! Whether you want to conquer the off-road world or improve your Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT appearance, we can get the most out of your vehicle.

Here is just a shortlist of what we can do for you!

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is definitely about expressing character, masculine brutality, and status. The car perfectly behaves on the road and can overcome any difficulties off-road. For superior performance, Renegade Desing offers you to improve your vehicle with various tuning options, like Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT wide body, bumpers, sills, lip kits, and different other options.

We offer our clients Jeep GC aero bodykits that:

  • provide superior speed increasing;
  • front bumpers for ground effect creating, the vehicle contact with the road surface strengthening and driving propertied increasing;
  • side and rear body kits decrease the air currents impact and improve car driving control;
  • sills guarantee additional protection from dirt and damages;
  • full and wide body Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT make a stunningly aggressive look.

Our clients can select any Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT bodykit elements. Still, we highlight that only full bodykits give the car superior comfort and driving properties.

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Renegade Design provides such Jeep Grand Cherokee Body kits:

  • The front bumper and bumper splitters.
  • Rear diffuser with side and center exhaust.
  • Rear brake lights.
  • Side and center exhaust pipes.
  • Widebody kits.
  • Advanced hoods and demons.
  • Top spoiler pads.
  • Radiator grilles.
  • Lower spoilers.
  • Forged wheelsets for Jeep GC.

Renegade Desing provides customers with different payment options, the best prices for superior quality products, professional sales and technical support, and a 5-years warranty. Just make an order with desired Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT bodykits, and you will get them ASAP at your nearest dealer.

We turn luxury cars into exclusive masterpieces!

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