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The body kit is becoming increasingly popular among car enthusiasts who want to give their vehicles a stylish and unique look. Tuning (body kit) is an excellent way to emphasize the individuality of your car. There are many different modifications of body kits and restyling kits, and you can choose an option according to your style and taste. Renegade Design company manufactures body kits and offers to buy kits made of carbon fiber, ABS plastic, FRP.

Advantages of installing body kits:

Recommendations for choosing a body kit:

Before ordering a body kit, you need to decide what it will be used for and how much it will change the appearance of your car. For example, installing overlays, a spoiler, or a radiator grille will be great for decoration and will radically change the visual perception of the car. These details serve not only for decorative purposes but also for protection against minor impacts, preserving the paintwork.

Why is it better to purchase a tuning kit rather than individual components:

Owners of executive cars are better off purchasing aerodynamic body kits as a complete set consisting of all external tuning elements. The body kit set is designed so that the elements complement each other well. However, virtually any part of the body kit can be ordered and installed separately, turning your car into an exclusive one with no analogs in the world!

Ordering body kits from Renegade Design:

Renegade Design company produces body kits for car tuning. The tuning kit includes:

Order a body kit from Renegade Design that meets the standards and regulations of car manufacturers, as well as the status of your car. We offer our clients:

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