Carbon roof spoiler for Mercedes-Benz GLS X167

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Brand: Mercedes-Benz
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Visible carbon
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The upper spoiler for Mercedes-Benz GLS X167, made of carbon fiber, will perfectly fit into the design of the German SUV. With a sporty touch, this spoiler also increases the GLS's downforce, which translates into improved roadholding. The spoiler is available in classic carbon or forged, and when combined with a carbon lower spoiler from Renegade Design, it creates an incredible picture of an aggressive yet premium car.
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    Carbon/Forged carbon
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    Renegade Design

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Carbon roof spoiler for Mercedes-Benz GLS X167

Enhance Your Mercedes-Benz GLS 167 with a Premium Carbon Roof Spoiler

Introducing the ultimate upgrade for your Mercedes-Benz GLS 167: our high-performance carbon roof spoiler. This essential tuning component transcends mere aesthetics, offering a blend of function and style to elevate your vehicle’s capabilities and presence. With this addition, your SUV transforms into a beacon of sportiness and assertiveness, underlined by its enhanced dynamic profile.

**Key Advantages of the Carbon Roof Spoiler for Mercedes-Benz GLS 167:**

Mercedes-Benz vehicles epitomize automotive excellence, yet our custom-designed spoilers push the boundaries of their inherent potential. The carbon roof spoiler serves multiple purposes, including:

— Augmented aerodynamics by mitigating air turbulence and drag;
— Increased downforce, crucial for stability and handling, especially at higher speeds;
— Improved cooling efficiency for the engine and vital vehicle components, ensuring optimal performance;
— A bold, aggressive look that elevates the vehicle’s sporty aesthetics and distinguishes it from the crowd.

The impact of the spoiler varies with the vehicle model. On the GLS 167, it not only enhances the SUV’s sporty demeanor but also contributes to practical aspects such as reducing dirt accumulation on the vehicle’s rear, thanks to its aerodynamic design.

**Selecting the Right Accessory:**

The versatility of our spoilers allows for placement on various parts of your Mercedes-Benz, including the trunk lid, roof, or even the front bumper, depending on your aesthetic and performance preferences.

A front-mounted spoiler focuses on downforce and aerodynamics, crucial for high-speed stability and cooling. The roof spoiler accentuates these aerodynamic benefits, while a rear spoiler combines these functional advantages with the added benefit of keeping the rear clean from road debris.

Material choice is pivotal, with carbon and basalt as the primary options. Both materials are synonymous with the latest in automotive innovation, offering lightweight durability. Carbon, in particular, is favored for its sporty appeal and high-performance credentials, while basalt is admired for its resilience and sophisticated appearance.

**Delivery and Professional Installation:**

Renegade Design ensures a seamless experience by delivering your Mercedes-Benz GLS 167 carbon roof spoiler directly to a preferred dealership or tuning center, where expert technicians will handle the installation. Our commitment to quality guarantees a professional fit and finish, backed by a warranty. Installation can also be arranged at our in-house tuning studio for your convenience.

**Why Opt for Renegade Design?**

When you choose Renegade Design for your vehicle enhancements, you’re guaranteed:

— A five-year warranty on all products;
— Exclusive, designer-crafted accessories;
— Superior-quality materials, including premium carbon and basalt.

Complement your carbon roof spoiler with a full body kit from Renegade Design, and unlock the full potential of your Mercedes-Benz GLS 167, setting a new standard in luxury and performance.

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