Front bumper splitter for BMW 7 G70

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Brand: BMW
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Glossy black
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Elevate your BMW 7 G70 aesthetic with Renegade Design gloss black front bumper splitter. Offering a perfect fitment for all 7 G70 variants, including 740i, 760i, and 740d, this lightweight yet durable splitter guarantees to enhance your BMW front-end style. With a 5-year warranty and worldwide shipping and installation available, it is a perfect upgrade for your BMW.
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    7 G70
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    Renegade Design

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Front bumper splitter for BMW 7 G70

Step into a world of enhanced sophistication and unrivaled performance with Renegade Design’s gloss black front bumper splitter, specifically designed for your BMW 7 G70.

This splitter stands as more than just a component; it embodies the blend of luxury and performance that defines the BMW brand, particularly the 7 G70 series, including 740i, 760i, and 740d models.

Crafted with precision and painted gloss black, this front bumper splitter adds an aggressive edge to the sophisticated design of your BMW 7 G70. While significantly enhancing your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal, it also offers an improvement in aerodynamics, providing a performance advantage that is as striking as its appearance.

Despite being light, the durability of this splitter is remarkable. Designed to withstand diverse driving conditions, it offers an added layer of protection to your vehicle’s front end. This not only preserves the elegance of your BMW but also extends its lifespan, making your BMW as resilient as it is stylish.

Acknowledging the quality and design of Renegade Design’s products, we provide a 5-year warranty on this gloss black front bumper splitter. This reaffirms our confidence in the splitter’s durability and our commitment to satisfying our customers’ needs for high-quality BMW accessories.

Renegade Design’s dedication to bringing our products to BMW enthusiasts worldwide is evident in our worldwide shipping and installation services. No matter your location, you can easily add this powerful performance and aesthetic upgrade to your BMW 7 G70. The installation process is streamlined due to the splitter’s design, engineered to fit perfectly with the BMW 7 G70.

To conclude, Renegade Design’s gloss black front bumper splitter for the BMW 7 G70 is more than an accessory. It is a testament to style, performance, and durability that significantly enhances your BMW’s charm and driving experience. Enjoy the improved aesthetics, the confidence of a 5-year warranty, and a superior driving experience with this exquisite front bumper splitter.

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