Carbon front fender inserts for BMW X6 G06

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Brand: BMW
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Visible carbon
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Carbon front fender inserts will accentuate the style and personality of your BMW X6 G06. Front fender inserts can be made of classic carbon or forged, and the premium quality material will not make you worry about the durability of the product. BMW X6 G06 carbon fiber inserts will perfectly complement your car's design and will draw attention to it.
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    Carbon/Forged carbon
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    Renegade Design

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Carbon front fender inserts for BMW X6 G06

The BMW X6 G06 is the epitome of power and style in the world of crossovers. Combining dynamic design and high-tech performance, this vehicle has earned the recognition of drivers around the world. To complete its appearance and emphasize its uniqueness you can use carbon fiber front fender inserts from RENEGADE. These accessories are made of high quality carbon fiber, which not only looks beautiful, but also provides additional protection of the body from minor damage and chips.

Features and advantages of carbon fiber inserts

  • Lightness and strength: the material used in the inserts is characterized by low weight and high strength, which does not adversely affect the dynamics of the car.
  • Exclusive look: carbon gives the car a more aggressive and noticeable look, making it stand out from standard models.
  • Weather resistance: the material is resistant to ultraviolet light, moisture and temperature fluctuations, which ensures that it retains its pristine appearance for many years.
  • Easy to install: the inserts are easy to install and are perfectly sized, eliminating the need for additional machining or fitting.

Why order from us at

At RENEGADE, you choose quality service. Our company specializes in the production of carbon accessories for premium cars and offers:

  • Individual approach: we offer products that will perfectly match your needs.
  • High quality materials: we use only proven carbon fiber, which meets world quality standards.
  • Professional installation: Our specialists guarantee a fast and high-quality installation of the inserts, allowing you to enjoy the updated look of your BMW X6 without any additional hassle.
  • Warranty and support: All our products are covered by a warranty and we are always available to provide support and advice to our customers.

Decorate your BMW X6 G06 with carbon fiber inserts from RENEGADE and enjoy every ride with a new level of style and protection!

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