Floor mats for Jeep GC wk2

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Brand: Jeep
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Glossy black
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A set of carpets from "Renegade-Design" company, made of eco-leather will bring harmony, comfort and aesthetics in the interior of your vehicle.

This set consist of 5 items: driver’s floor carpet with 3D cover to left foot's rest area and two dismountable toe steps, front passenger's carpet, two rear passenger's carpets and 3D partition between rear carpets.

The design and quality take into account the latest developments in the world of the automotive industry, the package of the kit is made into an individual carrying case for your convenience.
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    Grand Cherokee
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    Renegade Design

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Floor mats for Jeep GC wk2

Rugs For Jeep: How To Keep Clean And Aesthetics In The Interior

The cleanliness of the car’s interior is not only a caring attitude towards its vehicle, but also an excellent status indicator. Any car owner tries to ensure that the vehicle is clean, outside and inside. Among many accessories for cars, the interior mats Jeep is an indispensable attribute. With its help, you can easily remove dirt, sand, and water entered inside the cabin with the shoes and clean the outskirts of the salon.

Unique Features

Miscellaneous Jeep Grand Cherokee rugs are produced in any car configuration and are present in the cabin and the luggage compartment. Such protective elements decorate the cabin’s aesthetics, consider the car’s interior, and give a favorable impression of the vehicle to its owner as a whole.

The primary condition for ensuring the main protective functions and the duration of the operation of Jeep rugs is their correct choice. Even though this accessory is the most elementary, manufacturers offer a wide range of Jeep carpets, regular and model-made auto-brands.

Things To Pay Attention To Before Buying

Offered by modern manufacturers, mats in the car differ in the material of the manufacture:

  • Rubber. It differs in low cost, practicality, and does not let the water quickly clean and dry.
  • Polyurethane. The polyurethane and synthetic rubber models are lighter by weight than rubber, are not afraid of temperature drops, do not have an unpleasant odor, differ in strength, and dry quickly.
  • Textile. Made of durable synthetic tissue, these models differ in high wear resistance, increased moisture resistance, practical, easily clean and wash, dry quickly.
  • Pile. Such mats are organically flowed into the vehicle’s interior and have a rubberized base that prevents water penetration. However, they are much more challenging to clean than textiles, and they dry for a long time.
  • Plastic. It is a widely used mat that is easy to maintain since it is durable and functional.

Renegade Design Benefits

Car owners have been buying and recommending Renegade design products for many years. Therefore, today you can afford high-class comfort and protection of the car with Renegade accessories design:

  • If you buy rugs Jeep Grand Cherokee, you will receive a warranty for five years.
  • All products are certified.
  • You can order delivery worldwide and countrywide by airmail.

Innovative technologies for creating Jeep Grand Cherokee carpets make Renegade design products the best positions on the market. These rugs provide perfect landing, coating, and safety, as they will never let you and your car down.

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