Floor mats for Mercedes-Benz E-Class

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Brand: Mercedes-Benz
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Mercedes E-class sedans are the most popular vehicle by Mercedes. These are all purpose vehicles, elegant and comfortable. Renegade is offering a way to enhance the car’s interior with our stylish floor liners created specifically for Mercedes-Benz E-class. the sets are created out of German-made vegan leather in grey-blue. This cruelty-free material is beautiful, light and strong, it lends itself perfectly to car lines. Animal hairs and lint do not stick to it. It is moisture and dirt resistant. Plastic fastening discs firmly secure the mats to the floor to prevent slippage. The stitching with the matching threads not only adds to the design, but makes the part fit snugly to the floor. There are embroidered Mercedes logos on each part. The set consists of front and rear floor liners and a middle back liner.
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Floor mats for Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Car Mats For Mercedes — The Best Guarantee Of A Clean And Attractive Interior

Car mats help maintain freshness and neatness in the car interior and protect the floor from dirt, dust, and water. The main characteristic of carpets Mercedes is that they should be easy to remove from the salon for washing and easy to put back. At the same time, they should fit perfectly to the floor without interfering with the vehicle owner's driving. Previously, this accessory was standard on the car, but now many dealers offer the option to customize their vehicle.

What Is Unique About The Rugs

The fundamental task of a carpets Mercedes-Benz is to retain moisture and dirt, preventing them from staining the entire interior and excluding the possibility of water getting on the bottom of the vehicle. Every car owner knows such a terrible word — corrosion. In addition to the primary function, the floor covering has several additional ones:
  • Noise isolation. It prevents the distribution of sound waves, due to which the noise level will significantly decrease when the car is moving.
  • Heat insulating. In cold weather, the rug acts as a barrier that prevents heat transfer.
One more function is the addition of an overall aesthetic to the car's interior.

Buying Guide

Car mats are an inevitable accessory for every car owner. On the modern market, there are products of different sizes, materials, colors, and designs. To choose the right one, you should first examine the assortment. When choosing Mercedes-Benz carpets, you should take into account a lot of things:
  • the type of terrain;
  • type of product;
  • mat material;
  • presence/absence of a pattern;
  • color;
  • additional elements such as spikes, etc.

Why Choose Us

The car mats for Mercedes significant and necessary elements of the car interior, car mats can be bought at the Renegade Design tuning atelier. All carpets for Mercedes are made of high-quality materials, as they are tested for compliance with generally accepted standards and certification. Furthermore, we offer:
  • If you buy carpets in Mercedes, you get a five years product warranty.
  • Worldwide or countrywide shipping by airmail or carriers.
  • Certified goods.
Customers are guaranteed to buy car mats of the highest quality. All models are made of high-density materials. They have a dirt and water repellent structure. The main advantage is that floor car mats for Mercedes cars maintain the vehicle's value and appearance. By contacting Renegade Design, you get the best deal and the highest quality items.

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