Audi RS5 floor mats

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Brand: Audi
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Glossy black
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To protect your car’s interior from mud and moisture, Renegade is offering a set of custom-made car mats for Audi RS5. These fine mats made out of vegan leather fit snuggly protecting from chemical residue left by salt and car care products. Our product is impervious to dropped food and spilled drinks. Firm and solid material successfully resists physical damage. The mats are easy to clean, even in a rush. Animal hair and lint do not adhere to our mats which will make pet owners happy. The hygroscopic material dries fast after cleaning, does not shrink or flake. The mats are decorated with a bright honeycomb topstitch. You shouldn’t be worried about the threads tearing and ruining the mat’s appearance because they are very strong. There is bias binding on the hems which creates a curb that stops the dirt distribution. Each car mat has a bright yellow inscription “Audi Sport”. The shape of mats fits the floor outline precisely. Plastic fastening discs firmly secure the mats to the floor to prevent slippage. The set consists of:

  • 2 mats for front seat floors

  • 2 mats for back seat floors.

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Audi RS5 floor mats

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