This luxurious vehicle definitely deserves a luxurious interior protection. Renegade is proud to present our superb car mats set for Mercedes-Maybach S-class. The product is made out of vegan leather in two colors – stylish black and elegant white. The decorative finish proclaims ultimate luxury. The central part has a diamond shaped topstitch of two types – running stitch and baste stitch, which creates a surface pattern effect. On the sides you can see flowing stitches that resemble a bird’s feather. Each piece has an embroidered logo: two raised overlapping letters M in a triangle. The logo refers directly to the name of the vehicle’s make and model: Mercedes-Maybach. There is bias binding on the hems which help to avoid shedding and flaking of the material. Plastic fastening discs firmly secure the mats to the floor to prevent slippage. The mat for the driver’s seat floor has an additional part for the left footrest. The set consists of four items:

  • 2 mats for front seat floors

  • 2 mats for back seat floors.